So you are having trouble speaking in front of audiences ? or you are trying to be more confident and effective with your presentations or speeches .There are many reasons why people struggle with putting themselves on the line bearing their souls to an audience in hopes of pulling off a good speech or presentation. There seems to be a plethora of public speaking coaches these days , so how do you know how to choose the right one?
First of all you will need to find out how long they have been in business and not only that but how they got their experience or who trained them. There seems to be many “public speaking coaches” that have just come on the scene because either they were top sales people , worked in human resources or similar. Actually finding a credible speaking coach you will want to find someone with many years of experience first apprenticing and teach for a credible speaking company with a good platform such as Dale Carnegie or equivalent. The next step is to have a short consult with a speaking coach to identify your issues and what you are looking to improve on and see if this is a match. Another crucial item is how the coaching is done. A true coaching session or workshop should be a “hands on” type class or session that way you will be performing what you have learned so that you will be “public ready” when you complete the training.
Shopping for a public speaking coach is just like shopping for a quality item in the retail world , you have to be an educated consumer that does their homework on the product that will give you quality and lasting results.

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Steven M Stasczak is a highly successful speaker who facilitates professional presentation skills training .He spent his earlier career as a top business to business sales manager before beginning business coaching services and presentation skills training around the U.S. professionally. His areas of expertise include developing effective public speaking workshops and helping individuals overcome the fear of public speaking. He also performs and facilitates effective leadership training, time management workshops to align your team in the workplace.Steven brings a unique blend of dynamic energy and straightforward talk that allows individuals to dramatically improve their public speaking effectiveness as successful team members, leaders, and speakers within organizations.