There’s no doubt that self-doubt can keep you from having the relationships that you really want. If you doubt yourself, that doubt will cause all kinds of things like jealousy, insecurity, clinginess and all those things which drive people away and keep you from having high value relationships in your life. Not to mention that self-consciousness can affect all of your relationships, including those at work, and this can cost you a lot of money in lost opportunities. So if you’re looking for an easy way to stop letting self-doubt hinder your social life, here is one of the easiest ways to get started...

The Cause of Self-Doubt

There are many things which can cause a person to doubt themselves, but most of these are merely symptoms of the primary thing which causes self-doubt. That one thing is the need to be validated by others in order to feel good about yourself. Before you assume that this is not your problem, stop and really consider how often self-doubt keeps you from making decisions, from standing up to people, from approaching members of the opposite sex. Self-doubt can even cause things like procrastination and a lack of focus when you are trying to get things done.

At the core of self-doubt is a person’s standard of personal value. In other words, what is the standard that you use to measure your value. If you measure your value by exterior things, you put yourself in a position to be controlled by those things. This is because the standard that you use to measure your own value controls your self-image and your self-image is in control of all your actions.
Just think about it, people’s actions never reflect their true talents and potential. People’s actions are born out of the parts of themselves that they value as a part of their identity.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz discovered this in his experiments with people who had been through plastic surgery and who STILL didn’t feel happy about the way that they looked. He found that if the person didn’t change their inner image of themselves that they would never accept the change on the outside as being “enough.” So if you want to build a healthy self-image and put an end to self-doubt and take control of your life, the first place to start is by building an unshakable standard by which to measure your own value.

Erasing Self-Doubt and Building Self-Confidence

What standard do you use to measure your own value? By the opinions and approval of others? By your ability to achieve results? By your status or your level of material wealth? Your income? Your physical appearance? If you measure your own value by any of these things, your life will always be a little bit out of your control. Instead, you’ll be influenced by exterior things so much that you’ll have a hard time living your own life and making your own decisions. If you’re ready to overcome self-doubt and build rock solid self-confidence, this is the first thing that you need to find out, then you can make a conscious decision to start changing it.

Author's Bio: 

Seth Czerepak is a personal achievement expert , professional copywriter and the Vice President of VQ Success LLC.

Seth has been practicing and studying the strategies of behavioral transformation and personal leadership development for fifteen years and has empowered hundreds of people to make positive changes in their lives. He has coached people from various backgrounds: athletes, salespeople, corporate executives, parents, couples, teenagers, medical professionals, artists, freelance entrepreneurs and even people suffering from substance addiction and depression.

Seth Czerepak is no stranger to the challenge of personal adversity, having successfully used the method of Value Driven Transcendence to overcome addiction, poverty, divorce, obesity, and financial ruin, and to restore the broken relationships in his life. He has learned the difference between personal leadership development theories which have no place in real life and practical strategies which can be used to create genuine results.