Are you looking for that special someone? While you might think finding a soul mate is completely up to fate, there are many things you can do to find "the one." How to find a soul mate begins with being available. Get your divorce tidied up, stop talking to your ex, and be a blank slate with no baggage tying you to the past. There is no greater turn-off on a first date than hearing the other person talk about their last relationship. You could very well know your soul mate right now, but your ties to the past could be keeping him or her at a distance.

How to find a soul mate is also a matter of putting yourself "out there," as they say. Get out of the house and go to places where potential soul mates may be found. Go to a bar, night club, beach, mall, sporting event, dog show, carnival, library, gym, or concert. John Gray, author of the Mars and Venus books, recommends getting outside of your comfort zone. His logic is if you frequently go to the same night club, you'll probably keep meeting the same people. If you're a night club type, get yourself to a computer convention or other event you would normally overlook. Gray says that we so often look for dates with the same hobbies and interests that we have but can actually be more drawn to people with different passions. While learning about or sharing your "foreign" interests with each other, the freshness can help ignite a spark. How to find a soul mate is as easy as going where you've never been.

How to find a soul mate is also as easy as venturing into the world of online dating. In 2011, 5.5 million Americans used online dating services. With an estimated 1,500 dating websites to choose from, you can try general websites like eHarmony or, or you search more specifically on dating sites just for certain religions, races, or interests. There are dating sites especially for Christians, for people of African descent, for horse enthusiasts, and many, many more. The biggest dating website is (it has the most members and therefore the most dates for you to select from), so it is a good place to start. If you live in a small town, you might want to try several dating sites at the same time for quicker results.

On another level, the question of how to find a soul mate can be answered by using the law of attraction. Think positive! You can say affirmations to yourself before a night out like, "I am ready to meet my soul mate. I am love. I am open for a new relationship." You can make a "vision board" (a collage you hang in a place you look at often) with pictures of happy couples, romantic imagery, inspirational words, and so on. This can help to open your mind and heart and keep you inspired and smiling.

Good luck on your search for your soul mate!

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