When a business is hit by a disaster (fire, storm, flood, etc.), this often results in a loss of earnings. The financial consequences caused by an interruption in your activity are likely to cause a drop in turnover, which could compromise the sustainability of your business, unless you have taken out what is called business interruption insurance. What is the operating loss guarantee? What are the risks covered? How to calculate the amount of compensation?

Protection against business interruption
Have you ever thought that when you shut down your business, your customers will start dealing with your competitors and may continue to do so even after you reopen? That your key employees could leave you if you haven't taken care of their salary? However, here you can get your solution in Merkury Public Adjusters.

In the event of a disaster resulting in the cessation of the company's activities, the expenses continue to run while the income no longer comes in. The shutdown period is also influenced by the delays in rebuilding, repairing and replacing equipment. Here are two products to protect your business:

Insurance which aims to compensate for the loss of profits of a company, the fixed costs that it must continue to pay and the additional costs that it must incur during a shutdown of its activities following a disaster.
The Protection during the time of the closing continues to cover you after the reopening until you find the turnover that you would have had if you had not had a loss.

Document Everything
Thoroughly examine and document all physical damage. Take photos and videos before any clean-up or repairs occur as quickly as possible. You need to prove that the physical damage is substantial enough to cause the interruption.

Make Initial Repairs
After a disaster, protect your property from further damage by making temporary repairs. Just be careful to save the damaged parts in case the insurance company wants to examine them. Also be sure to save receipts so you can submit them for reimbursement to your insurance company. Payments for temporary repairs are part of the total settlement.

Submit a Preliminary Claim
Despite the fact that you need to get the case submitted as fast as conceivable after the occurrence, it's regularly testing to survey the effect of a business interference misfortune immediately. You may not be certain how long fixes will take, how fruitful they'll be at moderating the misfortune, and how to evaluate the misfortune. It's useful to set up a primer gauge of misfortune sum inside 30 days. This gauge ought to be plainly submitted as "fundamental" and refreshed as more data opens up.

Stay in Communication with the Insurance Company
The two players have a shared objective – to speed up the property fixes and return the business to its full tasks. Building a positive, accommodating relationship with the insurance agency will assist them with bettering comprehend your quick concerns. Let the insurance agency think about your requirement for income, earnest fixes to property or gear, or different requests you face. This could build your opportunity of accepting a loan.

Advocate For Your Case
There is plenty of room for ambiguity in a business insurance claim. If you disagree with the insurer’s interpretation or handling of the claim, speak up. Be prepared to take a more aggressive position if necessary.

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