In 2020 we are faced with very real threats to our health and financial security that many of us have never experienced and never thought we would. This has been a rapid unexpected and unwanted change that we must deal with. Fear prevents us from thinking clearly about what we can do to minimize the threat to our wellbeing. It renders us helpless and blinds our vision to what we can do to stay healthy and keep the money flowing to keep a roof over our head and food on the table.

Although we do not like being in an undefined place between the past and the future, that is where we live. It is called the present moment. And, as you know, it is all you ever really control. If you once thought you had created a secure, controllable, and predictable life for yourself, you may be realizing that this was an illusion. There is much that is beyond our control and nothing stays the same forever.

So why not take control of the only thing you can control – the present moment — and try a little experiment the next time you are awake at 4 a.m. Instead of filling your head with dreadful thoughts about all the bad things you believe are destined to happen to you – your feared future – try imaging what you desire – your preferred future. Allow your imagination to work for you instead of against you. Replace those scary thoughts the moment they pop up with grateful thoughts about what you have to be thankful for instead of what there is to be afraid of. What resources do you have available to you that fear is preventing you from seeing? What actions do you have the power to take that will minimize the risk of all those bad things you are afraid of actually happening or allow you to deal with them if they do. Become solution-focused instead of problem-focused. Faith-focused instead of fear-focused. Anytime the scary question of “what’s going to happen to me?” pops into your head, replace it with the more powerful question of “what can I do?”

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Rita Burgett-Martell is the author of two books: Change Ready! and Defining Moments.
The practical guidance Rita provides is based on her thirty years of professional experience as an organizational change consultant to Fortune 500 clients and career coach to more than 11,000 individuals, plus her own experience of embracing the unknown to completely reinvent her own life from that of an 18-year-old uneducated housewife in Nashville, Tennessee to an international change strategist and thought leader to C-level and senior executives.