“I can be changed by what happened to me. But I refuse to let it reduce me.”- Maya Angelou

The purpose of education never lies in merely making a child academically perfect, but to nourish the mind of a kid to morph him/her into a person ofstrong moral character and high spirits. If you see, you cannot expect the journey of life to be a smooth one, and more often than not,there are various obstacles, hardships, and difficulties that come along the way.  Hence, while rearing up a child, it is of paramount importance that along with the academic and co-curricular development of children, parents give due attention to their mental strength development as well.

After all, a child psychologically empowered is always the one capable of making the road ahead brighter and more prosperous. This is why we, at JP International School, regarded as thebest CBSE School in Noida, believe that parents should invest more time in developing the psychological corners of their kids.

During the current times, with lockdown going on across the nation, parents have ample time to spend with the kids at home, and it is this time that parents can utilize to empower their little ones psychologically. Use this lockdown period to teach your kids the right ways to gain mental strength and let them know the magic of being mentally strong. In this article today, we are sharing with you some of the most effective ways to strengthen your little ones psychologically.

Read to them various inspiring stories

The best way to make an initial impression on the tender minds of kids would be to read to them the fables, tales, and stories about the real heroes and their extraordinary accomplishments. Stories always entertain the kids and do not allow diversion of attention. The gallant and inspiring stories of the heroic personalities are sure to catch their attention and cast a permanent impression on their minds. You can also tell your children the stories about the struggles of social reformers who dedicated their lives to make our lives better.

Let them handle their problems individually

Since all the kids are staying home these days, allow them to solve some of the household problems on their own. Ask them to come up with an effective solution and appreciate it once they come up with one. No matter if the solution is good enough or not, it is the effort that must be applauded every time.

Assist them in overcoming their areas of weaknesses

CBSE School in Noida your child has an area of weakness, try to spend more time mending the gap. This is the perfect time when you can rope in your child to a routine schedule to make a difference in his/her level of performance. Weaknesses always lead to a lower level of confidence, which is detrimental to mental strength. Hence, make sure that your little one gains confidence before he/she starts marching on the path of life.

Encourage, inspire, and motivate

There is nothing more effective than boosting up the spirit of your kid every single time you get an opportunity to make him/her mentally strong. Make your child understand that life is neither all roses nor all storms. Life is a combination of experiences that build individuals up. Encourage, inspire, and motivate your little angel to turn every stone on their path into a milestone by instilling in them the right attitude towards life.  It is not the circumstances that make all the difference, but one’s attitude and response towards these circumstances that define the aftermath.

We, at CBSE School in Noida, firmly believe that just as much teaching the children the right academics and physical activities is important, it is equally vital to make them mentally strong. It is imperative that additional care is taken to make the children psychologically capable of handling every situation and challenge that life might eventually pose to them.

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A little support, encouragement, and the right guidance from you can make your kid into a mentally strong individual in the years to come.