Are you afraid of your age and dread the oncoming years, or are you enjoying life to the fullest. Discover why your aging years are fearful, and how to overcome.

A friend posed to me a question a week ago "Age doesn't bother you, does it?" Did I have to think about it? Absolutely not. Age is simply a state of's not who I am nor who I am to become. I love my age, born in 1949, I am actually looking forward to the challenges and wonder's of my aging years. Yes, life is good, but it's only what we make it.

Surely everyone has heard the cliché, "your only as old as you feel", but I have to ask you...How Do You Feel? Do you wake in the morning and lie there with problems weighing your mind, or do you get up and at'em, look out the window or sit on your porch and see the beauty surrounding that has been gifted you.

What we must understand is that, everyone has a past. There has been losses, pain, misery and mistakes, but how can we move on into the glory of our elderly years and enjoy what life still has to offer, if we dwell in the pity of our minds. Death, yes is inevitable, and we all must leave this wonderful world one day, and even though you may have lost a husband, a parent, a child, a pet, you are still here and must live to the best of your ability. We all have a purpose and if we don't let go, we will be eaten alive by the ugly old aging monster, bound by pain, wrinkles and a nasty, negative attitude.

So I have to ask you, "How Do You Feel"? That will determine your age.

If you have a problem with your age, change your thoughts and that will change your life. That will change everything about you...your health, your personality...even the wrinkles on your skin. "Smile and the whole world will smile with you, cry and you cry alone". Do you feel alone, or do you feel the whole world surrounding you with joy and the good things life has to offer.

Wake in the morning and rid of those ugly thoughts, exchange them with good thoughts. Start appreciating every little thing that you have, and when you do, more good will come to you. Look at the good, defy the bad and your life will turn around, guaranteed.

Stay active! Don't let hum drum get you down...and what ever you do, don't lie down and let the pains of old age roll over on you. Move away from that TV and do something constructive. We always feel better about ourselves when we're participating in life. You have a choice to take control and enjoy life in the face of aging, or to grow old and ugly both inside and out. Forgive yourself for everything you feel you have done wrong, and let it go. Move on and grasp the good memories of your youth.

And pray often, for that brings peace, tranquility and a softness that will envelope your entire body. Then you can hold your head up and everyone will see the beauty of aging in you, and they will look forward to their own aging years because you have been a Great and Wonderfully Strong example.

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