What is Happiness?
Happiness is the experience of joy, positive well-being or contentment, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful and worthwhile. In addition to making you feel good, studies have shown that happiness can actually improve other crucial aspects of your life. Happy people are healthier, more creative, more productive, and cope better with stress and trauma. Happiness is guaranteed when one learns to use and release the hidden power of his or her subconscious mind. This ability will bring into his or her life more health, more joy, and more power.

For you to be happier and attract abundance and everything else that you desire into your life, positive thinking is a pre-requisite. If you really are as fit and healthy as you can be, surrounded by individuals who care about you and are fully engaged in meaningful activities that you find stimulating and interesting, you certainly won’t need conscious effort to stay happy. When you constantly nurture positive thoughts in all circumstances and situations, you will find happiness in life. If you have been exhibiting negative thoughts and anticipating difficulties and failure, it is now the time to enjoy greater happiness by positive thinking.

Positive Thoughts and Happiness
The thought process forms impressions in our minds that become manifested as facts and experiences in our lives. A positive mindset is created by allowing only positive impressions in the mind—impressions of wealth, joy, peace, health, harmony, and ultimately happiness. A mind that is largely dominated by positive thoughts will generate positive emotions that can potentially trigger strong desires, faith, as well as creativity. Strong desires, creative imagination and faith are traits vital for happiness, success and intelligence.

Positive Thinking Exercises That Will Leave You Happy
As the case is with physical workouts, positive thinking exercises require routine practice until they become automatic. Once your thoughts are automatic, you will begin experiencing a remarkable shift in your happiness. Success, joy, health and contentment will begin flowing your way automatically.

Shift Your Thoughts
For starters, you ought to be conscious of your thoughts particularly in instances where things seem not to be working for you. The moment you notice that you are plunging into sorrow, frustration, low self-esteem and agony, be sure to shift your thoughts and begin thinking about things that are completely unrelated to what you are experiencing. By shifting your thoughts, you will be able to break the pattern of retrogressive down-ward spiral, self-pity, and mind-created stories. Our ability to control our thoughts and think for ourselves is a gift that we should use to experience happiness in situations that seem challenging.

Maintain Social Circle of Happy People
If you are to enjoy happiness, be sure to shun the company of constantly depressed, angry, sour, dramatic, jaded, judgmental, and critical individuals. The law of attraction states that like poles attract each other; and positive thinkers ought to attract positivity.

Be Grateful
You certainly can’t be grateful and at the same time be angry. Be grateful for everything in your life, including the struggles, trials, difficulties, and frustrations. Begin counting the blessings in your life—if you allow yourself to see them, you will find them. Realize how lucky you are and be grateful for what you have, and for what you desire to have. Begin thinking about your life in terms of what is great and not in terms of what is lacking. See difficult people as mirrors because there is something in their behavior that mirrors certain beliefs that you hold.

Vanquish Negative Thinking
Always endeavor to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. In situations where your mind is engulfed in negative thoughts, exorcise those thoughts and replace them with positive mental images of what you desire in that particular situation.

Positive Visualization and Meditation
Visualization and meditation are important tools that you can use to tap into your mind power. Practice seeing yourself in a positive and confident light. Whereas visualization can help transform a negative mindset into a positive one, meditation can help relieve stress. Routine practice can train your subconscious to see yourself in a more positive light.

The power to stay happy is completely within your control. To be able to tap into this remarkable power, you will have to first find the most priceless human treasures within your heart and mind.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Frans Bouckenooghe, born in Roeselare, Belgium.
In 1980, I immigrated with my Rarotongan (Cook Islands) wife Tangata and two children to New Zealand.
I am a self employed Registered Building Surveyor. I identify and report on building defects. I love my work.
Besides work, I enjoy company of family and friends, travelling, writing and photography.

I believe that little can be accomplished in life without some investment in yourself. Keep fit, consume right, practice kindness, remain positive, and keep your curiosity up. Treat these things as similarly important to love and friendship and I think you have a much better chance to lead a happy life.

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Take care.......Frans