Thriving businesses succeed when ideas are analyzed by the top executives and the employees. In many cases, especially for the art niche as photography, the most viable ideas are suggested by the employees who are directly involved in the operational processes. The employees understand the company’s business, and they know what can be done to meet the needs of customers.

It is rather unfortunate that in many companies, the employees who have brilliant ideas are mostly shut out of the decision making meetings. Employees have also been known to hide their ideas because they are not sure of the reactions from top executives if they propagate their ideas in the workplace. While it has been proven that brilliant ideas come from the employees, you can take advantage of this knowledge by encouraging your staff to openly share their ideas.

Increase employee engagement

You can encourage knowledge sharing among your employees by building them into a team with common goals. Employee engagement in the team of photographers can be used an assessment to determine the level of commitment an employee expresses in the workplace. You will be able to determine if the employees are just working to earn salaries or if they are passionate about their jobs.
In occupation in the field of photography most of the employees are really passionate about what they do, they know a lot about new photo technologies and photo organizer software.

For example, over the years each photo studio collects thousands of images. Sometimes it is hard and time consuming to organize our photo collection into convenient folder structure. Employees that meet this problem every day know very well that they are photo organizer software like ImageRanger that save a lot of time as this software does automate many routine tasks. It can automatically build a new folder structure and automatically sort images by capture time. When the photographers work with geo tagged photos the archives could be organized by the name of the places people have visited.

If the owners of photo companies are tend to listen the advises of the employees what software is beneficial to be used in the company there is no doubt that they will meet business growth.

Welcome Ideas and innovation from all Employees irrespective of ranking

While propagating your new policy which encourages the employees to openly share their ideas that could potentially lead to business growth, you should also create a system through which they can pass their information to the top executives without waiting for days to meet them physically. Employees who feel like their boss would represent them when they share ideas can communicate this information to their team leaders who will inform the top executives of the idea for further analysis.

This way employees would suggest in the photo agency to be used photo organizer software because with it is possible to be rate and tagged different photo collection. The time is very important and every business owner will evaluate how needed is to be able to filter and search images fast and to see thousands of images on the screen, without delays in the user interface. These software products also help to find duplicated images and automatically count and locate duplicate photos.

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