Life is ever changing, there are happy times and sad times.There are peaks and valleys, twists and turns, mountains to climb and oceans to swim. There are treacherous times and breathtaking views. There is the good, the bad and the ugly. No one goes unscathed.

So how do we survive through all the muck and the mire. How do we prevent ourselves from falling into the pit of despair? How do we pull ourselves out of the miry pit of doom and gloom we're in?

Look At The Beauty Of Life

Life is filled with such awe and wonder and such alluring beauty that the heart can ache in overwhelm of it all. Each moment of life there is beauty to be found; a touch of heavens artistry to be embraced.

Pause and take in the beauty of life. Take a walk and look around you; breath in the beauty of nature, indulge in its wonderful smells, dwell on the fullness of its magnificence. Engolf yourself in it. Think about every detail. Think about how you feel.

"Watch the stars in their courses, and picture yourself running along side them." Let the stars engulf you while they invoke a sense of wonder and mesmerizing pleasure.

Continuously contemplate on the reciprocal changing elements, for those thoughts will wash away the muck and the mire of the world we live.

When we practice attentively focusing on the present instead of dwelling on the bad, we can savor each moment and touch the beauty that surrounds us.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus on the beauty that surrounds you. Focusing on the beauty gives place for the presence of awe and wonder. It's an antidote to everything that tries to steal your hope, peace, and joy.

Focusing on the beauty all around us is a habit we can all develop to create a happier life. It keeps us from the convoluted thoughts that preoccupy our minds.

We can make a conscious effort to focus on the beauty around us or we focus on the ugly. Whichever we choose to focus on will determine our mood and ultimately our happiness.

Write Down Those Feelings

Write down the feeling you felt when you saw that squirrel gathering nuts for the winter or the bird perched on a limb singing its sweet melody. Those emotions that you felt when you looked at the stars brightening up the night sky, or the sun peaking up over the horizon showing it's different faces under the bronze sky - write those feeling down. And don't forget the streaming water fountain that played for you a magical melody.

Write down the feelings you have in each magical moment. This will help you learn how to cherish each moment of life, regardless of what you're going through.

Read what you wrote down each morning when you rise, that will help you keep in touch with the wonders of life that were brought to you at that moment.

Get In Touch With The Wonders Of Life

Since the present moment is the only real moment we have, we need to keep in touch with the wonders of life, for they nourish us and heal us. They are are all around us, everywhere at any time.

Recognize your surroundings; the path leading uphill through the woods, the grass, the tiny buds on the flowers, the insects, the sunshine, a pebble, a leaf, a flower, a butterfly.

When you live in the beauty of the moment, your worries and hardships will disappear and you will discover life with all its miracles.

Be Grateful

Every evening, take a moment to notice what you're grateful for that day. Write five things down on a notepad. The more grateful you are, the more beauty you will see all around you, and the happier you will be.

And the main thing is, be grateful that we have such a great and awesome God that gave us those miracles to touch, to feel, to smell, to enjoy, and to help pull us out of the gloom, the doom, and the ugly we're in.

Focus on the beauty of life, practice gratitude, and take care of yourself.


Your happiness and well-being have everything to do with how present, accepting, content, and grateful you are with all that is, right here and now.

Worrying about things outside of our control is unproductive, even irrational to a person who wants to attain tranquility.

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