Spring is the most beautiful and comfortable season among all the seasons. Riding to the spring weather needs strategic planning. Spring brings joy and fun. You can roam around the streets of the US with a proper dress-up. Spring is not at all irritating like harsh winter but, you can get confused about what to wear. Within the same week in spring, you can feel extremely cold and need a coat and the other day feel warm in a thin sweater therefore you can check weather data regularly to know the upcoming temperatures. You must go for lighter shades of warm clothes. This guide will help you to choose your dress for the spring when it feels like winter. 

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Go for a Sweater and Fleece! 

You can wear layers of clothes to protect yourself from cold temperatures during the spring. Go for a medium-weight sweater or fleece. This will not make you feel too hot or too cold. You can even choose cardigans, pullovers or quarter-zip fleece during the spring. You may adjust them according to your own needs. 

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Choose changeable outfits 

You can feel too hot in the heavy winter coats in the spring season. You can go to the transitional outfits. These clothes will provide you with adequate warmth without being too heavy. For example, you may choose a lightweight jacket, coat with removable layers or a quilted vest. All these options are best for the days you feel like winter during the spring. 

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Choose light and breathable cloth material 

Rising temperatures are common during the spring. Choosing fabrics which allow air circulation will make you feel comfortable.  You can go for fabrics like cotton or linen. These are lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can wear outfits like shirts, pants, and t-shirts made of these fabrics. They help maintain the body temperature and prevent overheating during the day of spring.

How to Layer Clothes for Winter

Add Layers to your outfit 

Layer with various clothing items available in your closets. You can add a denim jacket or lightweight hoodie to your outfit. This will make you look stylish as well as protect you from the cold weather during the spring. 

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Select a suitable footwear 

How can you forget perfect footwear? 

Footwear is an important part of your outfit. You must choose footwear like sneakers, ankle boots etc. Pair them with shocks. They are stylish, and comfortable and make you feel warmth. If it is too cold then go for heavy and waterproof boats. 

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Colours of outfits during spring 

You must choose some spring colours like green, blue, bright yellow and grey. These colours will make your outfit look perfect during the spring. Even though it feels like winter go for these spring colours. 

By following the tips mentioned above, you can “Dress for Spring When It Feels Like Winter” with perfection. 

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