People usually define luck as a success or failure brought by chance, as something that is outside of their control. Yet luck has many components, and depending on the abilities you have, develop, and use, many of those elements of luck can come under your control.

Some lucky people instinctively think and act in ways that make them feel lucky in every area of their lives. They do many things unconsciously, if not consciously, that bring them a succession of lucky breaks.

Some unlucky people think and act in ways that repel lucky breaks. When opportunities come their way, they are afraid take them. Fortune favors the bold. Sometimes all it takes to turn your luck around is guts to seize the opportunity, guts to take a chance.

Many times seemingly unlucky people stop themselves from seizing the opportunity due to fears - fear that they may fail, fear that they may get disappointed, sometimes even fear of getting what they want, because by getting what they want, their lives would change in many different ways and they’re not sure if they’ would be able to handle those changes.

The folk wisdom says “Take no chances and you won’t get hurt”. Perhaps you won’t, but you may also not get much closer to materializing your cherished dreams and reaching your goals.

Listening to your hunches helps, as long as you’re not mistaking your fervent desires and hopes for hunches. Sometimes unlucky people convince themselves that they’re having a great feeling about a particular opportunity because they want it to turn out well, not because they are listening to their deeper wisdom.

When you are trying to create changes within you, you can make the fastest progress if you know yourself well. When you are trying to create changes in the world around you, you can bring those changes about most rapidly if you are aware of the forces playing out in your environment and knowing how to get the most out of them.

Many different elements influence the shaping of events in your life and in the world at large and many of them are unfolding in a way that you may not know consciously. Knowing how to bring this hidden information into your conscious awareness can help travel the lucky road.

Many of the spectacularly lucky people are superstitious. There is a moment when you’ve done all you can do to influence a particular situation, and a friendly superstition may help you to stop worrying, feeling confused or undecided, and to enhance your general feeling of confidence and competence. When you feel luckier and more self-assured, chances are you’ll perform better, sharper, with a greater sense of boldness, confidence and in an optimal state of mind for seizing attractive chances.

Befriending forces that are greater than you can put your mind at ease and give you the boldness to act. Getting an insight into the workings of the invisible forces that shape the physical world may help you to get the extra information about the situation that concerns you.

Some unlucky people hold tightly onto the losing investment, afraid to abandon it. It helps to know when to abandon the sinking ship. You may have invested a lot of time and energy into a relationship, career, business investment or some other venture that is on its way down. When there’s nothing more you can do to salvage it, when further investment of your time and energy is dragging you down with it, the best solution is to disembark and invest your time and energy elsewhere. Lucky people avoid getting trapped in unsatisfactory love relationship, in bad job situation, in losing investments, in ventures that are going nowhere, and they move on.

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