Streaming is all the trend now, so there's nothing about getting a nearby music library to hit any time you use a recording unit and a headphone jack regardless of whether you have an internet connection or a streaming service
that enables you to listen offline.
Unfortunately, occasionally it's not as easy to access a track as handing over a buck. Take SoundCloud, for example. First and foremost, the on-demand service relies on people streaming music through both its ad-infested website and mobile app (available for Android and iOS
The other portion of its revenue comes from people who subscribe to its $12-per-month unlimited membership to listen without being interrupted by an ad and to access it offline through its mobile client. But let's face it: there's a lot to fork out to save the album that the singer is giving to his fans for free.
Okay, how exactly are you going to download SoundCloud songs? Okay, there are two ways — you can either search for a little download icon in the lower-left corner of the track you're listening to, or you can run the URL through an electronic extractor. Let's take a closer look at both, beginning with the former.
In-app download using the download button
This download option is only for SoundCloud artists to make their songs available offline. The app isn't without its drawbacks, though, the biggest one is that you only have the ability to stream one track at a time all playlists aren't available.
To access an artist-sanctioned song from SoundCloud, simply click the Download button under the album. It will be found at the bottom of the comment page. When it's not visible, that's because the developer has not made it available for free.
Third-party downloader to download SoundCloud songs
You should take the steps below to make SoundCloud music offline
1. Select the album you want to download and copy the URL of the record. You can also copy the position of the connection by right-clicking on it. Here I'm downloading the Linkin Parker Soundtrack I tried so hard with the
2. Now go to and paste the soundtrack URL which is been copied from SoundCloud to the URL address box. There you’ll see a green download button.
3. After some processing, you’ll see an option of download now. After clicking this option your song will be downloaded. Except for the Download Now option, there will be another button of download on mobile choosing download on the mobile option will show you a QR code to be scanned by mobile.
4. After Scanning the QR on your mobile the soundtrack will be easily downloaded on your mobile by using your mobile downloader.

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