A question that many Internet users who surf on Facebook are asking themselves. How can you download a Facebook video on your computer?

Like uploading a video to YouTube or other social networks, it is a very simple manipulation that will be done on the internet via a dedicated site. Indeed Facebook does not allow direct downloading of videos broadcast on its social network. With a simple online tool and a Chrome or Mozilla plugin, there is no need for additional software for your video recordings.

Downloading your Facebook video files for free will only require retrieving links and copying / pasting them into free online software, that's it.

Just follow the guide below.

A community manager or a simple internet user may need to download a Facebook video for various reasons. For example, keep track of an interesting or fun Facebook video and have it on hand when you know that it can quickly get lost in a news feed.

Facebook is now the number one video platform ahead of YouTube. The reach of videos on Facebook is also better than sharing links from a website. This is why many influencers have also opted for video via YouTube channels and some directly via Facebook.

Know before downloading a Facebook video!
Before uploading a video on Facebook, be aware that there is certainly copyright and that you will not be able to share it in turn on social networks and even less from your blog. If you were interested in a Facebook video, you can also share it from the social network to one of your accounts.

Download your Facebook video using a dedicated tool
Facebookmp4.com (Facebook Video Downloader) is a download manager, an online tool allowing you to download and extract a Facebook video found on the social network for free, by simply entering its url. You can download all Facebook videos in MP4 format for free using this tool.

To access it: Facebook video downloader online

In the site that you will have when opening the page, copy/paste the URL of the Facebook video and simply click on the Download button.

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