Ombre nails are beautiful, unique, and sexy. The nail color is a mixture of two colors, with a lighter shed at the top that blends with a darker shade towards the tip of the nail.
You need qualified and experienced nail expertise to make your nails into a perfect ombre. However, you can also practice doing ombre nails and start doing it yourself. These steps will help you learn how to mix the two shades on the nails.

1. Prepare The Nails For The Polish

Start by cleaning the nails using cotton with a polish remover. It removes any polish and dirt on your nails. Trim the nails to the preferred size using clippers and a nail file to smoothen the rough trimmed edges. Use a cuticle remover to push back any cuticles. It increases your nails' tidiness and makes the nails appear longer.

2. Add A Base Coat

The base coat is usually clear. The stylist paints a thin coat layer to the nails and puts them to dry a little. The coat ensures your nail is not directly stained by the polish and increases the gel's lifespan.

3. Apply The Base Color

Nail artists use a white polish as the base color coat for ombre nails because it helps pop the colors. However, using the lightest ombre polish will leave a soft ombre effect. Ensure you paint the base hue on all the nails.
If you want to get a solid base, use double coats of your background shade but ensure the first layer dries first. Also, painting the nails into two fine coats helps them dry faster than painting one thick layer.

4. Paint The Ombre Colors On A Make-up Sponge

Use a sponge surface almost the similar width as the nails to paint the ombre nails colors. Also, ensure that the lines of the polish are horizontal and straight. You can start with the lightest hue of the polish and then paint the dark color under the light shade. If you have a third dark color, paint it underneath the first one and ensure there is no visible sponge line. Also, paint several coats of each color on the sponge so that the polish is wet sufficiently to stamp on the nail.

5. Apply The Polish On Your Nails

Take the sponge and press it on the nails to stamp your polish on them. Do this repeatedly by ensuring the nails get the desired ombre color.

6. Roll your Polish On Your Nails

Place the sponge’s side edge to the side of your nails and roll it onto your nail. This helps to make dark the polish shades and increases the ombre effect. Do this repeatedly until you get the desired shade.

Since this process transfers some polish to your skin, you can apply petroleum jelly on the edge of your nails to prevent nail polish. Also, if your nails get stained by the polish, use a nail polish remover to wipe them.

There is no particular method of transferring the paint from your sponge to the nails. Some people use the stamping method to stamp the sponge vertically on your nail. You can also use the tilting method to bring out the ombre nails effect for a great look.

7. Reapply The Ombre Colors

Apply another layer of polish on the brush in many layers to make it wet and stamp it on your nails. Ensure the polish touches all the sides of the nails. Also, avoid using a sponge that is not wet enough with nail polish. This can pull off the background hue coat and destroy the entire process.

8. Apply the surface coat

Once your nails have attained the perfect color of the ombre shade as you wanted it, wait for them to dry completely, and then add a topcoat. If you wish for a smooth finish on your ombre nails, you can add double coats of clear polish. However, be keen not to over-apply the coat as this may bring undesired effect. Finish up the process by cleaning the areas around your nail. Use a polish remover to remove any paint on the skin.

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