100913_sleeping127_1Tiredness comes from compulsively doing those things that are destroying your health and well-being. The person who is unable to separate himself from his compulsive tendencies is enslaved by his interior conditioning; conditioning that causes him to mechanically react to his exterior life. His life ebbs and flows with every passing weather pattern, or every time the stock market falls or rises, or with every report of good news or bad news that comes with the evening news. And so, he feels exhausted at the end of each day, not knowing that there is an entirely new way.

Yes, there is a new way of living. You don’t have to talk on incessantly when you have nothing to say. You don’t have to feel anxious when someone shows up that you think you have to impress. You don’t have to appear super successful or really intelligent for any reason whatsoever. The next five blogs are going to help you destroy the compulsions that are destroying you. The secret to living a successful, happy life is to notice what you are doing to YOURSELF that stops you from living incredibly.



Destroy What’s Destroying  You -  Tip # 1

When you fail at something and feel like quitting; when you hear yourself saying, “That’s it. I just can’t do it;” take a deep breath and say, “Perhaps I just cannot do it right now. I will try again later on.” Do not fear the fierce storm of disappointing thoughts that assault you when you fail at something new. These thoughts are echoes from your past; never allow them to bury you. Disregard them. You are alive! And as long as you are alive, you are growing. Respecting yourself demolishes the negative energy that comes with the feeling of quitting; it provides fresh energy daily.







Know right now that you always know what to do in any moment. Knowing what to do is not the problem. The problem is that you give yourself over to compulsive tendencies that you took on in youthful moments of fear and pain. Reminding yourself that the feeling of quitting is not immutable, but rather, just a compulsive tendency - this empowers you to see things differently and enables you to respond to the moment differently.

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