How to design a banner without using Adobe Photoshop?
With the rise of digital technology, tools are customized to such as extent that even a non-technical person can handle its operations quite easily. Such as different Graphic Designing, Video Editing, Web Development as well as Web Designing tools are available online that you can use even If you don’t have any technical expertise.
Some years ago Adobe created Adobe Photoshop in order to make graphic designing simple and easy. It contains a wide range of tools in order to simplify the process of graphic design. However, to date, it is not so simple that a person other than the graphic designer can handle it.
In order to simplify the process for Graphic Designers Custom Graphix has introduced a tool that contains a wide range of features and is customizable to such an extent that even a non-technical person can handle it quite easily.
Custom Graphix contains a wide range of graphics designing tools and allows you to design a wide range of graphics such as birthday banners, advertising banners, grand opening banners, non-profit banners, profitable banners, religious banners, restaurant banners as well as business banners.
The tools offered by Custom Graphix contain a wide range of features and allows you to add your photos, custom graphics, color schemes, fonts, as well as other graphic designing features. There are millions of pre-built templates available on Custom Graphix that you can choose from and can customize it according to your objective and taste.
There are pre-built templates for social media, Instagram, Facebook Covers, YouTube channel art, Twitter posts as well as templates for the web.
Custom Graphix has a wide range of customization features and is built for the non-technical personnel. It allows you to customize a wide range of aspects of banners such as title, add photos, icon as well as other like features.
The user-interface and compatibility of this tool are great. Using Custom Graphix you can design your banner using your smartphone, iPhone, or simple phone. You will get a soft copy of your banner that you can display on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Besides, if you want the hard copy of your banner in the form of the huge sheet it will also be provided to you at your doorstep. You can display such a banner on some event and can attract an audience to that particular event.
Gone are the days when the graphic designer is essential to design any banner. With the advent of tools like Custom Graphix, you can create any graphics or banner without any skill.

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