In the present days, many people buy flat iron, which is also known as a hair straightener or a straightening iron, to achieve the silky smooth, completely straight look that was popular at the time, might now be a little perplexed that wavy or loosely curled hair seems to be coming back into style. But nothing to worry, it is not necessary to run out and buy a curling iron. Anyone can curl hair using a flat iron.

Curling hair with a flat iron is really only attainable with a narrow one inch or one-and-a-half-inch flat iron. The larger ones that are two or more inches wide can make waves, but not curls. Also, it's best to have one that has rounded edges because a square one can make unnatural dents or crooks in the hair.

Just like with straightening, there are rules to follow before curling the hair. An iron shouldn't be used on dirty hair. The dirt and oils from the scalp, or leftover gel or hairspray from the previous days, can become attached to the iron, where they can singe or damage the hair. Hair curling should not occur every day because that will cause drying and damage to the hair. Using strengthening balms or anti-frizz gels will protect hair when using the iron.

Wash the hair, apply a leave-in conditioner if desired, then the hair can be left to air dry or a blow dryer can be used. It is better not to use a blow dryer because that makes the hair go through two heating processes. However, a blow dryer can be used if there is no time to let the hair dry naturally. Clip the upper hair away from the area to be curled; it is easier to start on the lower parts of the hair first.

For full curls and added volume, separate a small section (one inch or one-half inch) of the hair and put the iron on that section about one inch from the scalp. Before closing the iron, fold the lower part of that section around and through the iron, too. Avoid closing the iron hard on the hair, gentle pressure is all that is needed.
The iron should be parallel to the body, not horizontal for the best results. Begin to slowly and gently pull the hair through the iron while twisting or turning the iron around in the direction that you want the curl to go. For example, twisting the iron toward the body will make the hair curl inward, and twisting the iron away from the body will make the hair curl to the outside. Work the iron downwards while turning, but don't pull down hard because this will pull the curl back out.

If curls are desired without added volume in the hair, the iron should be placed three or four inches from the scalp, so that only the lower parts of each lock of hair are curled. This leaves the parts closest to the scalp straight and smooth and adds no extra poof to the hair.
The smaller the sections or hair curled, the more volume the curls will have. The larger the sections, the more streamlined and smooth the curls will be.

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