You can use a vision board as a potent tool to design the life of your dreams. No matter what is going on in the world around you, vision boards can help you keep your goals top of your mind so you can stay on course and make consistent progress toward your goals.

For many years, I have utilized vision boards to help me achieve my most important life goals. I set the lofty goal of earning $250,000 a year when I initially started out as a successful trainer.

I made a huge image of a suitcase of money and taped it to the ceiling of my bedroom so that it would be the first thing I saw when I woke up every morning to help me focus.

And you know what happened? I earned $240,000 by the conclusion of the calendar year.

I fell short of my target by $10,000, but I didn't feel like a failure because that amount was significantly higher than anything I had previously earned and it made me realize that my ambition was definitely attainable!

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collection of images, statements, and quotes that graphically represent your life aspirations.

You can make it simpler for yourself to recall your objectives and order your actions in accordance with them by developing a visual depiction of your dreams and placing it somewhere you can view it frequently.

Vision boards are effective because what you concentrate on grows. They assist you in enacting the Law of Attraction and attracting the opportunities, assets, and possibilities you require to accomplish your objectives and realize your ambitions.

Vision Boards & Goal Boards

No matter what is going on in the world, vision boards, sometimes referred to as "goal boards" or "dream boards," serve as a compass to keep you moving in the direction of your dreams.

Making a vision board and putting it somewhere you can see it every day might help you remember the greater picture and your life's purpose.

Why Create a Vision Board?

Our brains receive a tremendous quantity of sophisticated information instantly through images. This is why vision boards are so effective.

Vision boards influence our subconscious mind to create choices that support our top priorities by powerfully depicting our life goals and ideal future.

They also make it simpler for us to recognize the resources available to us in our surroundings that will enable us to move closer to our goals.

Advantages  of Creating a Vision Board:

  • Make sure your objectives are the first thing you consider each day.
  • Help you use the Law of Attraction more effectively in your life
  • Create a potent meditation technique that helps you gain clarity about the appearance and feel of your ideal life.
  • Motivate you and make you feel better
  • Increase your awareness of what's possible.
  • Remind you to focus on what's most crucial and to stop worrying about the little things.
  • might be communicated to others to solicit their assistance in assisting you in achieving your aims
  • Enjoyable to create! It's a wonderful hobby for fostering family and friendship bonds.

How To Create a Vision Board

There is no one "main guideline" or "optimal technique" for how to create a vision board because it is an activity that is completely personalized and adaptable. Everyone will have a different approach to realizing their idea.

Supplies You Need

Making a tangile physical board is important but you can also create a vision board online. That being said, in general, you should have a sizable poster board, corkboard, or even a metallic display board to serve as the background of your idea.

Gather magazines or newspapers, as well as any other visuals you think would be helpful, to use as a source for images, words, and phrases.

Use scissors, glue sticks, tacks, tape, magnets, or anything else you need to put everything together to make a collage of words and pictures that expresses your ideal existence.

Here are some ideas to take into consideration regarding the aesthetic elements you might want to include or address in your vision board:

Your vision board should ideally show a complete picture of your goals in all areas of your life, such as your work, finances, relationships, house, hobbies, and personal development.

Don't forget to include anything significant to you.

These can be your loftiest, most ambitious aspirations, like meeting your "true love" or becoming an accomplished writer.

You may also think about achieving little objectives, like cleaning up your garage, that you know would make you happier every day.

Dream big, but always make sure your goals truly reflect what YOU want from life, not what you should desire, according to someone else.

Make a list of Goals

Spiritual vs. Materialistic

Keep in mind that your objectives don't have to be just monetary; they can also be focused on your spiritual, mental, or personal development.

For instance, if one of your greatest aspirations is to feel more a part of the people and the world around you, look for pictures, words, or phrases that help you visualize this.

Include as many of your most critical objectives as possible. I've seen vision boards with 60 goals on them as well as ones that simply have ONE objective on them.

You and your level of concentration will determine a lot. How many goals you wish to concentrate on at any given time will depend on your priorities and level of commitment.

Creating a Vision Board

Setting a time apart to create a vision board for setting goals is the first step.

Decide if you want to make a physical vision board or a digital vision board as your next step. Both are efficient and provide benefits.

While a digital version is simpler to carry around with you at all times, whether it be on your phone or computer screen, a physical vision board requires more time and effort to design but may be more impactful and attractive as a consequence.

Making your digital vision board your screen's wallpaper is a good approach to make sure you view it frequently throughout the day. Just be sure to stay mindfully alert to it and avoid becoming deaf to it.

Personally, I appreciate the process and results from more when I make tangible vision boards. The six-step procedure I employ each time I wish to create a fresh vision board for my life is as follows:


Make a list of the objectives you want to accomplish in the upcoming year.

You must first be aware of your goals in order to develop a vision that captures them. Spend some time defining your ideal life in detail, as well as the tasks you must complete in the upcoming year to move you closer to your objectives. This post about setting goals is a great place to start.


Gather a collection of publications with stunning imagery.

Ask your pals if they have any magazines they no longer want if you don't read magazines or currently don't have any at home. Your neighborhood thrift shop should also have some available for only a dollar or two. Or you could look into your neighborhood recycle center.

Ours includes a "free things" section where you can get every magazine you could possibly want without paying a dime. I wonder whether yours does too?


Locate images that motivate you and reflect your aspirations.

Cut out images from the magazines that represent your objectives and otherwise resonate with you. Look for those that you can say "Yes!" to right away. I aspire to have that in my life!

They don't have to be tangible things or exact replicas of what you see in your life. Instead, concentrate on the feelings they evoke in you.

Don't worry if you can't discover a picture of your ideal "dream home," for instance, if you want to move to a house with lakefront property. Maybe a picture of a beautiful ocean sunset may be all the inspiration you need.

Find a photo that represents love to you, such as a picture of two people holding hands or even a heart, if you'd like to attract a new loving partner into your life rather than looking for someone who matches your physical ideal.

Keep in mind that you are in charge of your destiny and may bring about any result you desire!

Step 4:

 Compile your photos into a collage.

It's time to gather all of your photos, phrases, and magazine images before you begin adhering once you've done so.

On your poster board, arrange your individual collection of cutouts into a pleasing composition.

After that, secure your pictures in place with glue, tacking, or tape.


Include inspiring "affirmation words"

Your ideal existence should be more about how you want to FEEL than it should be about the "things."

For this reason, I like to write words that represent my aspirations and convey how I want to feel on my poster board, such as the words "joyful," "abundant," "powerful," "fearless," "loved," "strong," "healthy," "loving," or "financially free."

A Vision Board Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

I urge you to get started if you want to create a vision board to remind yourself of your objectives and aspirations.

Set aside some time to collect the things you'll need to make your vision board, including the poster board, magazines, scissors, glue, fun markers, and any additional supplies.

Then, while you bring your inspiration board to life, take a cup of tea or a bottle of wine, turn on some calming music, and enjoy an hour of stress-free creative play!

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