There are hot-blooded people and cold-blooded people however cold-blooded people don’t mean that they do not feel anger or stress. It’s just that either they face a hard time to express or may have mastered the art of stress management.

Keeping your temper in control is extremely challenging. Anger is a normal state of feeling however it can be harmful if it leads to aggression, outburst or physical controversy. Stress management tips are all about managing your angry feelings, your words or actions before it is escalated to a level you regret. There are numerous ways with which you can control your anger and a few of the best ones are listed for you.

Effects of Anger

If you lose control of your chronic anger, you may face serious consequences on your physical and mental wellbeing. It may impact your entire life.

Consequences of Physical Health: Always keeping a higher temper may make you more vulnerable and prone to heart disease, diabetes, result in a weakened immune system. You may suffer from insomnia or high blood pressure at times.

Effect on Mental Health: whenever you become aggressive, your brain consumes a huge amount of mental energy. It makes your life more difficult as you can’t enjoy any small or big joy in life. Your life gets filled with anxiety and depression and leads to stress disorder.
Dip in Career: With such nature, you can’t be too close to your colleagues as they start getting agitated and your clients or supervisors leaves you isolated in fear of heated debates.
Kills Relationships: Anger in the family will always leave irremovable scars on your relationship. Your loved ones are most affected including your friends and others you trust the most. Anger puts the most damaging impact on children around you.

Stress Management Tips

If you are ready to start working on yourself, here are a few of the best stress management tips that you can practice right from day one.

1. Calm Down and Count

A reverse countdown is really helpful in such a burning situation. When you start a countdown from 10 to 1, your mind gets distracted from the moment of outburst and hour heart rate also comes back to normal. If your anger is really bad, you can start reverse counting from 100 to 1.

2. Take a Deep Breath

When you are angry, your breath becomes shallow however if you practice deep breathing with your nose while exhaling it from your mouth, you feel relaxed. Repeat this process for a few moments and your anger will be in control.

3. Don’t Hold on Grudges

Forgive and forget is the key to happiness. Don’t hold on grudges within you, rather speak out and solve it once for all with a calm mind. If you will always be crowded with grudges, anger, or feeling of revenge, you will always taste the bitterness of injustice and won’t be able to come out of situations. Forgiveness is a very powerful tool, use it!

4. Get Some Physical Exercise

Physical activities help you reduce stress and come out of depression or anxiety. The best way to avoid a situation is to go for a brisk walk or indulge yourself in any physical activity that you feel can relax whenever you feel tempered.

5. Start Chanting

Whenever you feel angry, you can start chanting any Mantra or a song you like the most. Repeating “Relax, things will be alright!” or “It’s okay, everything is gonna be fine!” may help you get out of that temper.

6. Visualize Your Best Moments

To escape out of a critical situation or an argument, you can slip out in a quiet room and close your eyes. Visualize your best memories or imagine yourself in the arms of nature where you can listen to birds chirping, imagine the color of the water on a beautiful island, beautiful birds around you or anything soothing that can relax you just with a blink.

7. Stretching, Yoga & Meditation

Practicing Yoga and Meditation can cleanse your soul. You will feel relaxed and stress-free and the level of anger and outburst will reduce slowly. Stretching exercises can also help you in controlling your body and rejoice your emotions.

8. Practice Silence When in Anger

Whenever you are angry or steamed up to a level of frustration, whatever you will speak will do no good and always harm your relations. In such situations, pretend that your lips are glued up as you used to do in your childhood. This silence will give you time to reconsider your thoughts and may change your choice of words before you speak out.

9. Turn Your Anger into Creativity

I well remember people who turned out to be a creative artist out of the anger outburst. Identify your creative hand and try poetry, sketching, painting, or any tangible production. When a heartbroken person turns into a singer or a lyricist, nobody can beat the words and thought process.

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My Way of Anger Management

Above all these practices, there are a few other stress management hacks that you can try. You can practice empathy, imagine forgiving and forgiveness, diary writing, practice gratitude, laugh out loud, call a friend, statue for a few seconds, diary writing, story writing or anything that pleases you and keeps you away from the regretful situation.

I started writing stories and remedies to such traumatic situations that enlighten my inner soul and helped me releasing stress and turning it into a productive masterpiece. One of my friends started recording his angry faces and became popular on YouTube. Try your way out and do let us know what worked for you to control your anger.

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My name is amara smith. i am a video creater and writer. i write about mental health and psychology. I enjoy analyzing human behaviour.