Assignments refer to the work assigned to a person which is on a specific topic. These assignments are basically tasks assigned by the educational institutes such as universities and schools as well as the colleges. Assignments are of numerous types. Usually, the ‘’home works’’ are referred to as the home assignments which are assigned by the teachers to the students so that they also do the work such as research work, at their homes and this increases the knowledge and exposure of a student. These assignments at school level also increase the skills of a student in assignment making when it comes to university level, and they are well prepared at the university level and have mastered the assignment making process.


In school and college level, the teachers get many assignments of numerous students that they have to check. Many students which are close friends with one another, tend to copy the material from each other and that reduces the quality of the assignments and also bores the teacher when it comes to checking and reading the assignments. It also becomes extremely hard to know which assignments have the content copied.

On the other hand, it is also a very hard task to know which assignment is better among the two which are being compared. In order to solve all these problems, the basic tips upon which one can check the assignments are listed below. These tips are highly time saving and help one check the assignments and compare them very easily.

1-Checking plagiarism.
If the assignments are sent online, one can simply copy the text from the assignments and then use the numerous plagiarism checker sites available to check if the content between the two assignments are copied and same. if you want to compare 2 articles you can use text comparison tool.

2-Start with the introductory paragraph.
If you want to compare the two assignments, first start with the introductory paragraph. Check how the assignment has been started and which one has a better introductory paragraph.

3- Move to the middle paragraph.
Then move to the second paragraph. Second paragraph usually has all the information so this is the paragraph which will tell you which assignment is better. After you have read both, recognize which has more elaboration and better information as well as the word selection. Word selection must be prioritized.

4-Check the last paragraph.
The last paragraph has the personal opinion of one expressed in it. This last paragraph in every assignment explains how one has understood the topic, therefore, you must see who has a better understanding to the topic.

-You can simply check which assignment has the better information and the better grammar as well as explaining structure in it. After considering all these points, you can very easily conclude which assignment is better among the two which you are comparing.

Every student puts in effort in the assignment making and therefore, one must have a very clear opinion and view when the assignment is being made. Consider all the points above and then come to a conclusion.

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