If you're spending too much time worrying and obsessing, and thinking of how to clear your mind of negative thoughts, this article can help solve your problem.

We all have felt a little down and critical of ourselves at certain times in our lives; that’s normal. But sometimes - without us realizing it - this negativity overwhelms us, overcomes us and cripples us.

In this world we’re living in, our thoughts make our reality. Do you really want to live with this negativity? Surely you don’t, and this is why it is important to learn how to clear your mind of negative thoughts.

Step 1: Question The Negative.

When you find yourself with a negative thought, ask yourself, “Is this true?” This will give you the opportunity to prove this otherwise, while at the same time build your self-esteem.

Oftentimes, these thoughts are unfavorable things which you think might happen in the future. Take note of the word “might.”

That means they may or may not happen; and most of the time, they will only come true if you continue focusing your attention and mind to them. So stop thinking about them to avoid attracting them!

Don’t let such thoughts trick you and get the best of you. It’s true that sometimes you can be your own worst enemy.

Learn how to clear your mind of negative thoughts by discontinuing being the one who puts them there. One way is to shift your attention to something you're grateful for or something that makes you happy. Which brings us to the next step...

Step 2: Choose To Be Happy.

Life isn’t easy. You will encounter problems and challenges, and there will almost always be people who would want to hurt you and bring you down.

But remember, happiness is a constant decision. When you wake up and choose to be happy, you are stripping these negative thoughts of their power to affect you and the way you live.

When you choose to be happy, you choose to empower yourself. Eventually, when you have learned how to clear your mind of negative thoughts, resisting them will be easier and will come naturally.

Step 3: Find Inspiration.

The reason negative thoughts thrive is because we let them. We become so overwhelmed by them that we miss to see the good and beautiful things around us.

Fight pessimism by surrounding yourself with feel-good things. Immerse yourself in things that you find interesting - such as art, music and movies.

Try new hobbies or work at improving your old ones. Read inspirational books, or watch funny videos or shows. Make a “bucket list” and accomplish them one by one. Inspiration is everywhere and if you focus on capturing it, negative things won’t have a place in your mind.

Stop accepting negativity as part of your life, and replace it with optimism. Learn how to clear your mind of negative thoughts and see your world open up to positive changes.

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