How to choose and which dresses to wear when you're little?

How to dress when you are little? With all these models in magazines who have endless legs, we are sometimes envious of their large size and the clothes they can wear.

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But know that you too can wear very beautiful dresses! You just need to know a few rules to showcase your petite body and look taller. So which models of dresses to choose to look more slender? Follow all of our tips to find the ideal dresses that will sublimate you!

The dresses to favor when you are little:

For the choice of your dresses, opt for short or very short dresses with high waist belt, empire dresses, asymmetrical dresses at the bottom, dresses with vertical stripes, very long high waisted fitted dresses that cover the ankles or long dresses split. Regardless of the model, choose your well-fitting dress to stretch your figure.

And don't forget to choose your dresses with a V-neckline to look bigger!

Dresses to avoid when you're little:

Avoid shapeless dresses that are too loose, too flared, and knee-length (midi dresses) which will only pack you down.

How to dress when you are a little woman?

Now that you know which dresses to choose for your petite size, we let you discover the other clothes to choose for your figure .

Dressing when you are less than 1m60 is not always easy . It happens that the clothes that we like in store or on e-commerce sites are not necessarily adapted to our small size (pants that fit, dress that falls badly ...).

But rest assured, you can be trendy and well dressed, whatever your size ! As for each morphology.How to dress according to your morphology?, there are shapes and types of clothes that show off petite women.

So, to help you find the different clothes that suit your petite figure , follow the guide ...

Other clothes to wear when you're little What stockings?

Even if you don't have long legs, you have the right to show them off! Short skirts that stop at the thighs or just above the knees will be perfect to enhance your pretty legs and at the same time stretch your silhouette.

As for the pants, skinny jeans, straight jeans and pants with a bridge will give the illusion of longer legs.

Favor stockings with a high waist that enlarges the silhouette.

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What tops?

Fitted tops, cinched or straight, are recommended to lengthen your figure. Choose them with a V-neck or vertical designs. To look taller, you can opt for cropped tops or you can tuck your top inside your skirt or pants. Choose your sets (top and bottom) in the same colors.

Avoid strong contrasts (dark top and light pants for example) which will have the effect of breaking your figure and making it smaller.

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What coats?

Mid-thigh length coats will be perfect for your petite size. If you are thin, choose well-adjusted, colorful models with details (pockets, large buttons, different materials, etc.) to enhance your silhouette. You can also opt for small, short jackets to wear close to the body. If you have curves, go for straight cut or trapeze coats, sober and dark in color. For your jackets, choose them fitted.

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What swimsuits?

When you are little, it is better to focus on original swimsuits. Choose them with vertical stripes, a zipper, buttons aligned vertically on the front of the swimsuit… If you're thin, opt for the two-piece swimsuit with high-cut bikini bottoms. If you have shapes, we prefer the shaping one-piece swimsuit with a pretty V neckline. These fashionable pieces will be ideal to save you a few centimeters!

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What accessories?

Shoes with heels are inevitable to look taller! So as not to break the length of your legs, choose, with a skirt, shoes well open on the top of the foot. With pants, shoes should be worn as an extension of the pants, that is to say that you should not see your ankles. And the effect will be optimal, if you opt for shoes of the same color as your pants.

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