A washing machine is now part of our lifestyle and one which we cannot live without. We spend a lot of time and effort to buying a brand new washing machine. There is a plethora of option out there and that is why this article will help you with How to choose washing machine.

How to Choose Washing machine

• Washing Machine Type: First thing to take care of, is which type of washing machine do you need? Because once we get the answer to this, the half battle is won. There are basically two types of washing machine out there.
o Semi-Automatic: This type of washing machine came with two compartmental tubes. One for wash and one for dryer.

o Fully Automatic: This type of washing machine has only one compartment and it will take care of everything. These type washing machines are start and forget type because once you put your clothes in it and you don’t need to worry about anything else.

• Capacity: After deciding the type, now it’s time to choose the capacity for the washing machine. It would be different for everyone and because of that, you need to make sure to select a washing machine with the right amount of capacity. It came in with 6Kg, 7 Kg to 10 Kg. to determine which one to choose, you need to know how much of clothes you wash every day. For example, a single person would wash around 4 to 5 items of clothes every day, for that, you don’t need a heavy duty washing machine and rather a small one would suffice.

• Loading type: One of the factors to consider while buying a washing machine is which type of loading mechanism it has. There are two loading types, Front load, and top load. Both have their own advantage and disadvantage. The top load washing machine sometimes makes lots of noise and uses an excessive amount of water but they economically cheap. The front load washing machine is less noisy and doesn't use much water but they are a little bit expensive, but the cleaning quality is better than a top load.
• Features: If some feature would help you wash your cloth better than it needs to be considered. Some of the new washing machines have a feature like fuzzy logic which determines the setting automatically and set it. Some of them have a time delay setting which let you soak your clothes for a while and then wash, to get a better result. Some other features are temperature control, spin cycle, stainless steel tube, and advance wash features.

• Budget: No matter how good are those washing machine, we need to buy one which available in our budget. If you have a bigger family than it’s advisable to go for an expensive and fully automatic washing machine as it will pay for itself in a few years. If your need for a washing machine is limited then go for semi-automatic as they are cheaper.

You also need to look out for the brand and size as well while choosing a washing machine. If those wisely, it would be a one-time investment for the betterment of a long time. If you have any more question about how to choose washing machine and couldn't find the answer in this article, tell us in the comment.

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Hi, My name is Muhammad Nasir Aziz, as an author I have written so many articles on many topics. This article will help you to choose best washing machine according to your requirements and needs.