As the online marketing industry grows we see a plethora of new agencies coming on the marketing daily. Some of these agencies specialise in a niche service but others call themselves a full service marketing agency. With so many different firms to choose from it can seem difficult to choose. So, how can you choose the agency that is the best fit with your own needs?

Start by establishing what the agency can do for you. Most should be able to provide a clear list of services they are qualified to provide. Some prefer to look for a full service agency. This means they can supply the full package and give you the option of implementing new marketing methods at a later date, rather than you having to go to another agency for different work.

A number of services you might like to ask about are:

1. Web design (including development)

2. An ability to get involved in your marketing strategy and to explain how they will improve your revenues.

3. Expertise in SEO (search engine optimisation.) Can they help you to get the website in front of customers?

4. Social Media Marketing. What kind of support can the agency provide you in this growing area?

5. Pay Per Click

6. Copywriting

7. Usability testing

8. Email marketing

9. Banner advertisements

10. Conversion rate optimisation

You may not need all of these services personally but the fact that they offer them and have strong background knowledge of all of these aspects of marketing sign is a sign of a reputable agency.

You will see that things move very quickly in the online marketing sector. This makes it really important that you are working with a company that is keeping up to date. Current trends include mobile device app development and the continuing popularity of social networking sites such as Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

Make sure you do your research on any potential agency. Obviously it is worth looking at their websites and one thing to look out for is testimonials from their clients. It may be worth contacting other clients to find out what they think of their service, as agencies are not going to promote negative feedback on their site! Try searching for them online and in forums, if people have had problems with them in the past there will surely be evidence of it. If you struggle to find any negative mentions of them around the internet and are seeing good feedback from their clients, you may have found the right agency for you.

Author's Bio: 

Sarah Haines has a keen interest in all matters effecting UK businesses and has plenty of advice on working with a full service marketing agency.