A vacuum cleaner can be very expensive. That's why, when you buy yours, it's important to take the time to compare and make the right choice. The purchase of a vacuum cleaner does indeed become a good investment in the long term if your cleaning device is durable over time, despite regular and daily use.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner? Some mistakes should be avoided at the time of buying a vacuum cleaner. You must consider several criteria, starting with the brand of your cleaning device. And because we know that it's not the manufacturers that are lacking and that the offers grow everywhere like mushrooms, we have selected for you the top 10 most famous brands of household appliances, and for each of them, their 3 flagship products.

Although she experienced fairly difficult start around the 90s, by the sheer force of his will and the quality of its products, the Dyson brand has quickly become one of the UK brands of appliances to this day.

Today present in more than 65 countries, it has manufactured the world's first bagless vacuum cleaner and has become a reference in this field. While, of course, the brand's products are also among the most expensive on the market, but it is worth to confess that they shine by their quality, their modernity and by their innovative side

At the very beginning of the invention of vacuum cleaners, there was only one model that was based on the principle of vacuum to suck the air. But over time, the concept has been developed and many features have been added or improved. Thus, we find ourselves today with dozens of models and different types of vacuum cleaners.
Here are the different types of vacuum cleaners:

Hand or table vacuum cleaners: These are called because they are small and easy to handle. Without wires, it is nevertheless necessary to recharge them. This type of vacuum cleaner is generally (and should only be) used as a complement to another vacuum cleaner. Indeed, thanks to its ergonomic shape and its small size, the hand vacuum can be used for small dusting or to reach corners and difficult areas.

The broom vacuum cleaner is one of the oldest models. It looks like a broom and is easier to handle, especially when it is wireless (not all are). Nevertheless, although it is more practical thanks to the absence of sledge, this vacuum cleaner can be very heavy, it is thus a point not to be neglected.

Vacuum cleaners with bag: this is a device consisting of a flexible hose, which you can handle to suck the dust. This will be sent to a paper bag that you will have to change when it is full. You may be able to reuse it if it is in good enough condition. Nevertheless, the major disadvantage of this type of vacuum cleaner is that you have to buy bags regularly, and it is not always easy to find the right model.

Bagless sledge vacuum cleaners: the system is almost the same as bagged vacuum cleaners, the difference is storage. Indeed, the dust is stored in a tray that will simply empty when it is full. For these models, there is also an extra element that is the filter, and it will be necessary to wash or change (but not as often as for bags in vacuum bags).

Vacuum cleaners for water and dust or tank: for more specific and targeted uses (such as garages or vats), it is possible to use this vacuum cleaner. Indeed, it allows sucking water or large dust. It also has increased power and storage capacity.

The robot vacuum cleaner: this vacuum cleaner appeared during the last decade, and is more and more used. It is a "smart" vacuum cleaner that provides daily cleaning. He moves alone in the room while cleaning, and detects obstacles to avoid them. When unloaded, he will go to his charging base himself.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner?
There is no need to ask the question, if you install yourself, you will need to buy a vacuum cleaner. It's a bit like the shopping we do before cooking, it's an essential element. It will allow you to keep your house clean, but also to do your housework faster.
Here are the factors to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner model:
• Your habits: if you like to take a broom (vacuum cleaner broom) or if you prefer to let the vacuum cleaner do it for you (robot vacuum cleaner)
• The surface of your house, but also the type of soil
• The elements you want to clean with the vacuum cleaner: if in addition to the floor, you want to clean your carpets or other surfaces
• The presence or not of toddlers in the house
• The allergies
• The presence or absence of animals at home (especially for cats and dogs)

On the one hand, you will most likely need to know the power before you start and know which robot vacuum cleaner to choose. To give you an idea, if you want a good model vacuum cleaner with or without a bag, know that we recommend 900 watts.
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