One of the biggest annoyances in kitesurfing is all the equipment. It's not as bad as windsurfers and from a travel standpoint you can really get away with something pretty compact compared to logging even a short surfboard. However, can be the best option to buy kitesurfing travel bags.

But let's face it. Excess baggage fees increase and the weight allowance for sports equipment decreases, making it increasingly difficult to carry a kitesurfing 'golf bag' with your equipment without feeling a bit stolen by the airlines.

The golf bag is a very good solution that most of us rely on for flights and travel, but they are heavy and bulky. The solution, unless you want to rent gear on the spot, is to use a split kiteboard that folds in half. You can then check your gear as normal luggage, save a dollar, and put your luggage inside cars and other means of transportation without any hassle.

The divided kitseboards on the market are now so good that you don't have to sacrifice performance for convenience.

What Makes a Good Divided Kiteboard Bag?

I did the research so you don't have to. In my comparison of good bags to pack my gear, I used the following criteria:

This is the deciding factor. Your board has to fit in the bag. Make a note of your chart dimensions and make sure it fits the internal dimensions of the bag. Most bag specifications only mention outside dimensions.

Another deciding factor for me was the wheels to roll. Sometimes you have to walk long distances with your luggage and you don't want to end up having to carry the bag when you can roll it up. If you also offer backpack straps that is a bonus.

There are a lot of hard cases out there that might work well, but they are always heavy, usually 4kg or more. It all adds up, so if you want to get less than 15 or 20 kg, every gram counts. One tip that should be included below the limit is to pack your bar and other things in your carry-on luggage.

The durability
The bag will be thrown, dragged and battered, so to protect your equipment and last for years, it must be sturdy and well made. For my first pick, the Eagle Creek backpack I am reinforcing the interior walls with Kevlar fabric to prevent wear from sharp edges.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover!