It is one’s ethical responsibility to take all the necessary precautions to stop the spread of pandemic. What are the precautions? We all are much aware of.
Social distancing
Staying clean and sanitized

Covering your face with a surgical face mask or KN95 face mask

That’s all! These are the SOPs one have to follow in order to stay safe and to avoid being the carrier of the virus even. Surgical face mask are the super heroes of the pandemic, they are life saviors in the true sense today, because this was the only practice which could keep us safe. Everyone is following the SOPs, wearing mask and all but choosing your mask wisely is a thing to learn.

Medbarrier produces best masks

There are many different companies which manufacture surgical face mask and KN95 face mask. Medbarrier is one of those companies, it manufactures mask under extreme hygienic conditions, and also assures that they produce three layered surgical face mask.

Three layered surgical face mask is the recommended to wear

A three layered surgical face mask is the recommended one, as they have three layers of protection, the two layers of spun bond fabric and one layer of melt blown fabric sandwiched in between. The melt blown fabric acts as a filtration layer. Which actively keeps all germs and harmful microbes from reaching the wearer of mask.
The two layered surgical face mask has only two layers of spun bond and that’s all. The third melt blown filtration layer is absent in a two layered surgical face mask, hence it doesn’t actively keep germs away. Wearing these could be risky for your health. Choose your guards wisely, as your safety depends upon them.
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Make your style statement with Medbarrier colorful face mask

Choosing your surgical face mask is a big deal today, as this has become an important constituent of our lifestyle. Many people like to adapt to this essential in their own way. Fashion conscious people don’t like to wear blue or green colored surgical face mask which surgeons wear during surgery. These people are very particular about what they put on their back, so the mask they cover their faces with should also be complementing the dress they wear. Medbarrier has made it easy for all these people by introducing surgical face mask in multiple colors. Blue, green, red or yellow you name it Medbarrier has it for you. Now you can attend the official luncheon, or the nikkah ceremony of your best friend with confidence by looking your best. Medbarrier provides safety with style.

Kids’ safety, now no tension

Medbarrier has introduced an exclusive range of surgical face mask for kids, which provide best protection for them by perfectly sitting on the little noses of kids. The parents used to worry about their children’s safety a lot as earlier they had to twirl the ear loops of the mask and wrap them around the kid’s ears to forcefully adjust the adult mask on kid’s face. The ill-fitted mask risked their safety greatly. Now, with Medbarrier, the parents don’t have to go through all these issues as Medbarrier provides ultimate protection for your kids. Medbarrier is available in stores near you or you can get these face mask online by visiting Medbarrier website or social media platforms.

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