Choosing an airgun can be a very challenging situation these days. And this is owed to the huge number of airguns that are available in the market to select from, and for someone that is new to it, it can be a very confusing situation. Several customers have complained about the energy and time they spend looking at adverts, web pages, pictures of the guns, reviews and the posts on chat forums, saying it is very taxing, time consuming, and overall very tedious. And even after all the research, the prospective buyer is even more confused than they were when they first came in to purchase the airgun. In the actual sense, selecting an airgun should be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. In order to make it easier for you, we have put together a checklist which will aid you in making an accurate selection of the appropriate gun model that will meet your needs. Things to consider when buying a new airgun are as follows:

1) What do you intend to use the airgun for?
2) What is your estimated shooting distance?


Gun Type – You can comfortably make a decision on which gun type you need after you are able to answer the aforementioned questions. You will know if you need a Spring Gun, Gas Ram or PCP, or maybe air rifles are a great choise. Springers and gas ram rifles would need heavier duty scopes as compared to PCP, however, they are self contained – their design allows them to be cocked and shot. They do not require any charging equipment, as in the case of PCP rifles. Then again, PCP rifles also have the advantages of being more powerful, and also uses cheaper scopes, and this is owed to its inability to recoil. Every single one of them have their pros and cons, so you can make a decision on which one satisfies your needs. And do not forget to read the gun safety rules.

Fit and Finish – This aspect is very important to a lot of shooters, even if it has little or not effect on the performance and power of a gun. Nevertheless, a great fit and finish can make all the difference for a shooter. Components of the gun that are considered includes the shape and size of the stock, how the rifle looks, the quality of the bluing and several other exterior property. The external parts of a rifle goes a long way in influencing how confident the owner is while shooting with it, the more comfortable they feel the better the shot would be.

Trigger Quality – Different airguns have their peculiar features, and are designed to fit different budgets, and a determinant factor of the price is in the trigger sensitivity and what the ahooter intends to use the gun for. A wide range of adult airgun triggers are 3 lbs of pull by default. However, the user can reduce it to 1-1.5 lbs of pull. Though we recommend that if you need an airgun with a lighter trigger pull, you should simply get one which is designed that way.

Power – We recommend that you use a spring gun with the appropriate power. We do not advise that you use a gun that is more powerful than needed, and this is because once it concerns spring guns, the higher the power, the greater the price. The cost of the scope increases as the power increases. It is very likely that a very powerful spring gun would break any recoil scope, except for high recoil scopes.

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