When you prepare the wedding you spend a lot of effort and money on the dress, the bouquet, the banquet, and a thousand other things, but in a few hours the bouquet has poached, the next day the dress ends up in the corner of a closet and everything has disappeared, you only have the memory, that day by day it is becoming more and more blurred. The photos are becoming your memories, but if you did not choose a good photographer and your photos are bad or mediocre, you will surely end up regretting it forever. When it comes to wedding decisions, the choice of the photographer should be one of the most important. We recommend choosing this wedding photo packages las vegas.

A good photographer can create absolutely stunning scenes that will leave you speechless when you see them. However, a bad photographer can ruin the most beautiful place and spoil the memory of the most beautiful day and the visual legacy that you will leave to the next generations.

* Do not be fooled by extra products like the album or because it is more expensive or cheaper.
* Look at the photographer's work, three good photos are not worth it.
* Don't be impressed by gorgeous weddings, supermodels, or wedding venues that might not be like yours.
* Make sure you meet your photographer and that you are getting along. On the wedding day the photographer will be your limpet!

Sometimes people ask for loans for anything, but they are not willing to spend it on their wedding memories, and this is the visual legacy that you will leave to the next generations. You can buy a piece of furniture now and think that when you save more then you will buy a better one, but with wedding photos you can't, photos are something you only invest in once and for all.

Never choose the first photographer you see, or the one recommended by the wedding venue. Sometimes you see terrible photos in the most beautiful place, simply because of the commissions that are made between the farm and the photographer.

Don't look for photographers only in your area, sometimes the best photographers may not be near where you live. They may have to travel from the other side of the country or the world!

Google is not a bad way to search, although there are a lot of wedding photographers out there, it is worth making a list and comparing, although just because a photographer appears in the first position in Google search does not mean that it is of the best. This will take patience but no one said it was easy!

It is advisable to use search portals such as: www.fearlessphotographers.com where you can find some of the best photographers in the world.

Can the photograph be compared? Perhaps in photography, you cannot say this is better and this is worse, what you do know is when you look at some photos and you simply know that you love them, they come inside you and make you feel that something special, that is that you have found your photographer.

Ask the photographer to see other examples of weddings and not four photos, but a generous report. When seeing the photos, do not be impressed by a spectacular wedding that may not be like yours. And although it sounds ugly: supermodels or spectacular places that may not be like yours.

Does your photographer offer backup? And if you accidentally lose the photos, what responsibility will you assume? Make sure everything is reflected in your contract.

Sometimes cameras fail, they are still machines, so make sure your photographer has at least two cameras and equipment to back him up in case of an accident.

Perhaps it will give you a little the same, but find out that the photographer can respond to any problem and that he has everything in order and legal: self-employed, high tax, can issue you an invoice or civil liability policy if the farm requires it.

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