Breaking bad habits is simple but not easy. Just do what works! But you need to avoid the common mistake that gets most people doing what doesn't work to break a habit instead. Explore the difference as you find out why I kept stopping smoking, and see how to increase your personal power and change your life with this crucial distinction.

Have you ever tried to stop a bad habit such as smoking? I must have stopped a dozen times, which I guess makes me an expert! :-) All this experience showed me that breaking a habit is simple - but definitely not easy.

Why Couldn't I Stop?

The “experts” recommended various strategies, but although I followed their suggestions, none worked for me.

Eventually the problem became clear. They were focussing on what to do in breaking my habit, not on where I was coming from - and this put my energy into what I didn't want.

When you focus on stopping smoking, or on losing weight, your energy is still going into smoking, or your extra weight! The negative is ignored. But to break a bad habit, this is what you don't want.

I lacked the personal power to change my bad habit. You need to change your context, to improve your understanding of where your energy is going. This increases your chances of breaking a habit.

So I started putting my energy into what I do want instead. I focussed on vibrant good health for the future, a healthy mind in a healthy body. This ensured that changes to my actions became effective, and I was then able to stop smoking for good.

Do What Works - follow Natural Law

There’s a natural law which says: Simple does not mean easy! Nor does simple mean that it’s not easy. Simple tells you nothing about how easy it is.

Despite the widespread confusion, there's no correlation between simple and easy. Some simple things are easy, and some are very difficult. Yet this powerful self-help truth is mostly unknown and ignored.

But if you want results, you have to do what works. This means learn and follow natural law. If you do this, it will change your life.

But How do you Do That?

How do you break bad habits? It's simple - if you do this you'll have learned how to stop all bad habits! Here's exactly what you need to do stop smoking:

Just never, never, ever, put another cigarette in your mouth!

Most people find this very difficult, although doing this, or rather not doing this, is extremely simple! Such confusion between things so er.. simple as simple and easy is a very common - though often unknown - form of self-sabotage.

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Food for Thought

“It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.”

Mark Twain, American author, well-known humorist (1835-1910)

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