When dealing with a deceptive wife, open, honest discussion is always the best line of action, but it doesn't always deliver open, honest results. Significant others continue to step out on their relationships and partners, despite the broader definitions of relationships. Maybe you're the suspicious partner.

It's something you've experienced. You have that awful, nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that your wife is cheating on you. You've seen the warning signs. Now you're looking for proof.

While it's never been easier to cheat, it's also never been easier to catch cheaters, thanks to ever-evolving technology so you can use app to catch a cheater. Here are several high-tech techniques to keep an eye on your wife to check if she is cheating.

Please keep in mind that some of these approaches are not only potentially irreversible invasions of privacy (even if your beau or belle proves innocent), but they may also be illegal.

How to catch a cheater: Pay attention to how they use their phone?

Your wife's phone is a gold mine of information, and it collects information about her possible transgressions in the same way it collects other crucial data about their life and habits. Keep an eye out for these telltale signs that something is wrong:

Is she zealous guardians of her phone? Does she rarely give it up and carry it with her wherever she go? Do she keep it hidden at all times? (Or are you usually on your back? You're familiar with the type...) Is the phone always locked, or does it have a privacy screen that obscures what your partner is doing on it from the majority of over-the-shoulder angles? Is your company's "Do Not Disturb" function always enabled to keep potentially dangerous notifications at bay and silent? (On iPhones, look in the upper right corner for the half-moon symbol.) Remember to keep an eye out for a second ('burner') phone or even different SIM cards (less convenient, but also a possibility). Because your phone *cough* is dead *cough, cough*, we recommend asking to use their phone while you're out and about together.

If you can grab a hold of the phone before asking for the password, you'll have a better chance of getting it.

How to catch a cheater Wife: Touch ID

If she have a Touch ID function (or any variant), quickly go into her security settings and add your fingerprint to the saved prints (if they have more than one, possibly delete one so you don't draw suspicion). Voila. Regardless of how many times she reset her password, you now have access to her phone.

The Google Chrome password hack is a great way to catch a cheating wife.

Gaining access to your partner's phone lock code may be difficult if they refuse to readily reveal it (for example, when you want to check the weather or call a cab) and you are unable to closely see what code they are entering. Fortunately, some people's computer passwords may be less secure, and if they use Google Chrome, you may be able to unlock many, if not all, of their passwords... For *insert plausible storey here*, ask for her computer password.
After she has given it to you, go to Chrome's Settings, Passwords, and Autofill.

You can check what sites she have visited that require passwords once you're on the passwords log page. Run a quick search to check if any illegal websites pop. Then, next to the hidden passwords full of '****,' click on the 'eye' button and type in the computer password you just got, and there you have it. You have access to all of these passwords. You'll want to save these for posterity, so take a quick photo with your phone (though keep in mind that your phone now contains delicate proof of snooping), and now you have to keep your phone out of reach.

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