Steam Trading Cards are virtual trading cards that you can win for free by playing certain games through the Steam platform. Each card features a unique illustration provided by the partner game developer. You can sell these cards on the Steam Community Market, trade them with your friends, and create them to earn badges that you can display on your Steam Community profile. To know more read trade gift card.

Search the Steam store for games that include the Steam Trading Cards tag to find games that can give you Steam Cards. Some free-to-play games provide them, but only if you have spent money on in-game purchases.

What are Steam Trading Cards for? You can sell them to get money from the Steam Wallet, which you can then use to purchase various in-game items from the Steam Community Market and games from the regular Steam store. If you get a full set of cards for a given game, you can receive additional rewards.

How to get Steam Trading Cards
There are several ways to get Steam Cards, but the only way to get them for free is by playing games on Steam. Each game has a preset number of cards in its full set, and playing the game allows you to win about half of those cards.

You can also earn Steam cards by trading with friends and strangers, purchasing from the Steam Community Market, and opening booster packs.

Here's how to get Steam cards for free:
Open Steam and select your username at the top of the screen.
Select Badges from the drop-down menu.
Find a game that can still drop cards and click PLAY.

Games that include Steam Trading Cards may each provide a specified number of cards. If a game can no longer do this, it will say that it has zero cards left.

Play the game.

You don't have to play a game to win cards. If you start the game and leave it running, it will accumulate cards as long as it remains open. You can even minimize the game and do something else, and the game will keep winning cards until there are none left.

How to sell Steam Trading Cards
When you have some Steam Trading Cards in your inventory, it's time to decide what to do with them. The only use of Steam Cards outside of sale is to turn them into badges, so if you're not interested in doing that in a given game, your best bet is to sell them.

Selling Steam Cards allows you to earn money that goes into your Steam Wallet, and you can use those funds to buy new Steam Cards to complete a badge or save for more expensive purchases like in-game items or full games on the Steam store.

What are Steam Gems?
If you've ever sold a Steam trading card or even looked at one in your inventory, you've probably noticed the option that allows you to turn Steam cards into gems.

Steam Gems are a heirloom from the Steam Christmas Sale that took place in 2014, but they are still relevant. The methods to earn them that were available during that sale no longer exist, but you can turn the cards and other items in your Steam inventory into gems.

Gems serve two purposes. If you collect 1,000 gems, you can put them in a bag and then sell it on the Steam Market. You can also use them to create booster packs.

What are Steam Trading Card Packs?
Steam trading card packs are similar to what you may have seen for physical trading card games. Each contains three cards from a specific game, and you can't tell which cards until you get them.

When you collect all the available cards from a game, you can win packs from that game. To maintain eligibility, you must log into Steam at least once a week.

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