Knowing how to build self confidence is something which every person alive can benefit from tremendously. Just think about how much easier it is to make the most of your natural potential when you possess unbreakable self-confidence.

It just makes everything in your life so much easier, whether it's in your dating life, your career, the achievement of personal goals or in taking care of your body. Building self-esteem is the perfect way to shake the dust off of your skills and talents and to make sure that they get put to use.

So because of this, I've decided to provide this simple strategy for building self confidence just by being you. (This simple philosophy was developed thousands of years ago by the Greeks and is still being used today)

Know Yourself

The first step to learning how to build self confidence just being yourself is getting to know more about who you really are. Most of the time, low self-confidence comes as a result of giving too much weight to other people's opinions and allowing exterior circumstances to determine your self-worth.

Start finding ways to turn these distractions off and start getting to know what's really going on inside your head. A great way to do this is writing down your thoughts and asking yourself what's really important to you. The more you do this, the more you'll find that building self-esteem is a process of self-discovery more than it is a process of trying to become someone else.

It's also a good idea to start studying the science of how your body works, how your mind works and all of the complexities within, this will help you to develop a greater appreciation for who you are and will restore a sense of awe and wonder about yourself. You'll also find that the better you understand yourself, the easier it will be for you to follow the second step to building self-esteem.

Control Yourself

The secret of knowing how to build self confidence is really nothing more than learning to control and focus your thoughts and your inner dialogue. This requires self-control, which can only be developed by deliberate training... just as you can develop your muscles by training in the gym.

However, the reason many people never develop self-control is because they view it as a restriction on their freedom, but it's nothing of the sort. The more control you have over your thoughts and your actions, the freer you are to use your thoughts and actions to achieve the things you really want in life.

In fact, the better you become at controlling yourself the easier it will be for you to build confidence in your capabilities and make and keep commitments both to yourself and to others. This will help you to take the final step of building self-esteem.

Give Yourself

As you start getting to know yourself better and learn to control yourself, you'll instinctively start looking for a way to use your new sense of confidence to make a contribution to others. This is because the need for contribution is a spiritual need which gives someone a sense of purpose and boosts their understanding of their own value.

Think about it, most people who are insecure are also in the habit of withdrawing from others through something known as "self rejection." But finding a purpose which allows you to make a contribution to other people helps you to get outside of yourself and stop focusing on your own insecurities and hardships.

The more you practice these three steps, the more you'll become your best self...the person you've always known in your heart that you were. Then, you'll become an inspiration to others as your life becomes a representation of the principles of having concrete self-confidence.

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