Learning how to build communication skills puts you at an advantage. A lot of people believe that communication is just about talking; but is it just talking that cinches the deal or gets you a job?

If speaking was all it took, then you’d think there would be more successful people around. The truth is, learning how to build communication skills is a two-way street.

It’s not just about how you talk your way into somebody else’s good grace, but how you relate to them and vice-versa. Here are 3 simple steps to help you out.

Step # 1: Read More Often.

One important thing you have to do to improve your ability to communicate is to read more often. You can’t keep a conversation up if what you know yesterday is all you know today.

You have to keep updating yourself, so you’d always have something new to share with other people. Reading a book, a newspaper or even interesting articles online can come in handy.

What if your boss suddenly wants to talk about the latest news? You’d better have something to say about that. In the unfortunate case that you don’t, however, it is best not to try talking your way through it.

Step 2: Learn To Listen.

If you want to learn how to build communication skills, you need to learn how to listen as well. As said before, communication is a two-way street. You can’t be the only one talking your head off; you’ve got to be prepared with questions of your own.

When you’re being interviewed, take the time to ask about the company you’re applying for. That will show that you are at least sincerely interested in working for the said company.

Step 3: Ask For Feedback.

Asking for feedback is not something you would normally do, except when you have just completed a presentation.

Then again, presenting new ideas, reports or proposals is also one form of communication; and if you want to know how to build your communication skills, then an evaluation can come in handy.

After the presentation, all you have to do is ask if they have any questions or if there are points that your audience may want to clarify. If you have a friend in the room, you might want to ask that person how you did.

Learning how to build communication skills takes courage and every step of the process already makes you a better communicator. The fact that you’re reading this article now means you’re on your way to success.

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