There are a multitude of strategies for creating unhappiness, each being more effective than the prior one.

What a strange thing to say. Aren’t we all looking to avoid such issues? Don’t we want to bypass these situations and live in Nirvana?

At an inner self level, the answer to these questions is of course, yes. At an outer level, our behaviors, beliefs and emotions do not always connect with these desires. We fall into patterns which result in exactly the opposite.

The great value in knowing what these patterns are, is that we can become acutely aware of them, and thus take the needed steps to avoid them. As mentioned though, first we need to be aware of them.

Here are the most common ones:

Complain a lot. Avoid anything that resembles gratitude.
Complain, whine, and bitch about anything you could possibly imagine. Bemoan those who are successful. Curse those who are happy. Get into arguments for no real reason with your neighbor, spouse, friends or anyone else on your scope. If something good happens, don’t be grateful.

Constantly Compare. Find someone who is richer, thin, better looking, more successful, happier, healthier. . . or so you think. . . and compare yourself to them. Of course, most of these people exist only in your imagination. These are the ones who are in fact, perfect. So compare yourself — a less than perfect person — with your imaged friend who is perfect and feel badly about this. It works every time.

Worry about what others think. Follow what others want. Avoid doing what you want. Perform your actions based upon the granting of approval of others, not upon your passions or desires. Never look inside of yourself.

Do what you dislike. Don’t do what you love. Go for the job because of the benefits. Stay in your position because it is too frightening to take on your own business. Probably too much work. Status quo should be the governing phrase, not happiness, joy or bliss.

Surround yourself with negative people and situations. Like attracts like so find yourself in the most negative, unhealthy environments possible. Then befriend the regulars who go to such places. Live in a horrible neighborhood and don’t move.

Live in Two Worlds. Want something great but don’t work for it. Wish for the best and expect the worst. Desire to be thin and be sure to eat at McDonald’s daily. Throw in a doughnut and a nightly drink for good measure. Hate the rich but secretly want to be one. Split your energies so that you end up exhausted, but never really accomplishing anything.

Of course, there are other ways, more specifically:

Step One. Read the aforementioned.
Step Two. Do exactly the opposite.

Live in the world of gratitude. Be thankful for everyone and everything that crosses your path.

Follow your own Tao, your own way, knowing full well that THAT is the reason for your existence. Be still and quiet so that your Inner Voice has the chance to whisper words of Inspiration.

Instead of worrying, pray, meditate, give thanks or take inspired action. It takes the same amount of energy. It just produces much different results. And a different life.

Do what you love. Live with zest and passion. Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

Surround yourself with happy, upbeat people. Go to places where you can express your passions and your joys. Swim in the world of appreciation for all that is available.

Live in the world of your creation. Commit to being present and happy. Everything else will fall into place.

Each day is a blank sheet and we awaken with a brush and paint. Listen to your Muse and paint a masterpiece. Or listen to the news and watch someone else paint a mural of victimhood. Life is the result of all the choices we make.

What choices will you make today?

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