How you cope with problems, is greatly effected by your past

The coping style which you learned as a child is generally same in later life. If you learned that kicking and screaming loudly enough will result in your mom or dad caving in and letting you "have it now" you are likely to experience severe defeat in your adult life as not everyone else responds like mom or dad did to such behavior.

On the other hand, if your mom or dad were firm, soothing and encouraging, you are likely to have developed a different mind-set when faced with inconveniences and potential set-backs.

I am telling 2 extremes here. The majority of us fall in the grey shades which lie within the middle of both.

It may seem unfair that your natural responses towards events in life now are so dependent upon things which happened years ago, but this is how your mind works, that's why the upbringing of good children is a very tough and very important job.

Current events and new experiences can of course change these learned responses and styles, but it can take a lot of effort to overcome those natural feelings.

Patience is clearly linked to someone's level of confidence. Impatience usually appears when one feels let down, when you don't feel in control or perhaps feel that your hands are tied. You want something to happen now, but you cannot seem to do anything to speed things up. A person with plentiful levels of confidence will accept the situation as it is; they will not fight it or rail against it. Rather, they will work with it.

Confidence allows a person to see a situation clearly and to look for different options.

As you think you can do something you find a way in which to do it. When you think you cannot do something, you do not even look for those options and opportunities; this leads to frustration and frequent waves of impatience.

To be more patient, one must become more confident about who he is, and believe that even if things don't go right he can still tackle the problem head on.

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