Learning how to be emotionally strong is important, especially in today’s hectic and ever-changing world.

We all go through difficult times. We encounter problems at home, in our personal lives, in our relationships, as well as at work or with our finances. These are all a part of life.

Knowing how to be emotionally strong will help you cope with these tough occasions to emerge better, stronger and more confident with yourself.

Step 1: Breathe.

Take your time. Inhale slowly and deeply. Fill your lungs with air and visualize it filling the rest of your body, and then let it out.

Imagine all the things that bother you flow out of you as you exhale. When you do this every time you are faced with a challenging situation, you also enhance your threshold for emotional pressure.

Step 2: Acknowledge Your Values.

Learning how to be emotionally strong means assessing and affirming your personal values. What characteristics, ideals, morals or standards do you value most?

Remind yourself of these everyday and try to live by them. Being true to yourself will help you be more secure and self-assured, no matter what trouble comes your way.

Step 3: Give Yourself Compliments.

Being your own worst critique will not help you learn how to be emotionally strong. The truth is that people who have good self-esteem are most likely to be more emotionally secure.

Think about what you like most about yourself and remind yourself about them everyday for a confidence boost. Focus on your positive qualities and on how you can make the most out of them.

Step 4: Laugh.

A good sense of humor is always helpful. Do not take everything too seriously. Especially in times of pressure or conflict, laughing it off will help you become more relaxed and clear-minded, therefore more in control.

When I feel stressed or challenged, I usually go to youtube and watch some “Just For Laugh” gags videos or any other funny clips. They always make my day bright. I suggest you do the same.

Step 5: Be In Control Of Yourself.

There are many things beyond your control. Your situation and the attitude of other people are just some of them. What you can control, though, is yourself.

You are in control of your emotions, your thoughts and your actions. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you, and don’t let little things get to you. You may not be able to control everything, but you can make the most out of what you can.

Your experiences and what you learn from them, as well as the decisions you make when faced with challenges, will help you in learning how to be emotionally strong. Just remember to stick to your strengths and be true to yourself.

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