Running a hotel can have an impact on the environment, various hotel supplies and energy as used. So much so that there are now many green hotels that use renewable energy resources when possible and other resources in more environmentally friendly ways.

These hotels are becoming more and more widespread, but there is still a long way to go before every hotel adopts this greener outlook. So what if there are no green hotels where you are staying? How can you do your bit to help the environment while away from home?

Even if you aren’t able to stay in a green hotel, you can be more sparing about how you use resources, hotel towels are a perfect example:

1) Don’t leave the room with things switched on, when you go out switch off things like the heating and the lights that you won’t be using. You would be astonished at the number of people who forget how to use a switch when they go to a hotel, you wouldn’t do it at home so why waste resources just because you don’t have to foot the electricity bill?

2) If you like a little light when you are sleeping bring a plug in night light from home rather than using the hotel lights.

3) If the hotel is promoting any kind of recycling effort, make sure you join in.

4) You will likely have access to a complimentary newspaper at the hotel. Don’t bin it when you have finished with it, try and pass it on to someone else or recycle it. Ask the hotel staff about a recycling scheme or, depending on where you are, bring it home and recycle it yourself.

5) Take an opened hotel soaps home with you. If you keep the wrapper it comes in this can be done easily. It isn’t about being cheap (although it will save you cash) it is just unnecessary throw away soap. By using the soap it saves you buying more.

6) Conserve water in the same way you would at home. Try and take short showers and don’t leave the water running while cleaning your teeth.

7) Almost any hotel will have a large number of tourist brochures; don’t take them just because they are there. Only take ones that you will read. Don’t bin them when you have finished with them either. Just replace them when you found them so someone else can use them.

8) If there is a free buffet breakfast use it sparingly. You can always go around for more if you are still hungry rather than piling your plate high. The number of people you see staggering around with food that goes to waste is ridiculous, greedy oafs.

9) Disposable cups are wretched. Bring your own reusable mug instead.

You can even ask the hotel not to change your sheets and towels every day. It isn’t particularly necessary to do this, hotels just do it as part of their service, as a courtesy. While some may be hesitant to break from policy, others should understand your requirements.

As you can see, a lot of these use common sense. Others simply involve reusing hotel supplies as you would your own at home. Lots of little things can add up to make a real difference.

Author's Bio: 

Sarah Haines has a lot of interest in our impact on the environment and what we can do to minimize the effects we have on the world around us, how to reduce the impact of hotels on the environment is just one of her many interests in this area.

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