How to Avoid Long Lines at Disneyland

One source of frustration for many visitors at
Disneyland is the long lines for the rides. You can
literally spend several hours of the day standing in
line to ride popular attractions. These lines can be
avoided in one of three ways.

Get to the park early. The lines are shorter in the
morning when the park first opens. Instead of
jumping in line for the first ride you see, head for the
rides that you really want to ride the most – the
most popular rides. Another option is to purchase
FastPass tickets for the rides that offer them. Again,
do this early to ensure that you get to ride those rides
earlier in the day.

The third option to avoid long lines at Disneyland is
to ride many of the popular rides later in the evening,
while the majority of people are enjoying the
entertainment. Disneyland has nightly entertainment,
and this is a good time to find shorter lines. Of
course, it will mean that you probably miss the
entertainment, so if you can use one of the other
options for shorter lines at Disneyland, you should
probably do so.

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