Wholesalers start online wholesale business to increase customers volume base and to earn more profit but it is not always easy unless you are fully aware of internet world and all the facts to avoid online frauds. To safely manage your online wholesale business, you must keep your eyes on every aspect but there are few areas that need more concentration. Dropshipping has become a popular delivery mode for online wholesale entrepreneurs but beware as dropshipping scams are much prevalent. You must take sound steps to protect yourself from being a prey.

Unfortunately, fraudulent dropshippers appear real and true entrepreneurs giving legitimate business opportunities so it is almost impossible to judge them in the first go. However, there are some time-tested tips that can help you in evaluating the real and fake dropshippers to avoid the frauds.

The best way to locate any dropshipper is to search through search engines. Well, it is wrong; one should not rely on this source completely. It is because we usually consider that top results are legitimate but it is not true. Fraud dropshippers can manipulate the search engines’ results as the results are not based on verification. Therefore, do not solely rely on search engines’ results. Choose such offers that give you access to verified legitimate dropshippers and their products catalog.

Quality is the first priority while locating legitimate wholesale dropshippers. Therefore do not access every other dropshipper in this research. Prefer the one who constantly updates his products lists, briefs about his repayment terms, provides effective customer services and assures replacement of defective products.

If you are not knowledgeable enough about e-biz (online business) then how can you succeed in it? Review different websites, directories and portals who claim to provide you large database of legitimate dropshippers. You can easily verify the authenticity of different wholesale dropshippers over there by accessing their previous data and third party reviews that have already experienced working with them.

It is not true that new ones can never be reliable. It is advisable to consult Yellow Pages and directories that add dropshippers after due verification. It is also suggested not to place too many orders in the first go unless the party will be trusted completely. Do primary research by reviewing their website on your own as well by asking their Federal or Tax ID, this is so as genuine dropshippers register themselves and allow reviews.

Try to minimize your reliance on the interdependency of long supply chain. You can directly contact the manufacturer of the products and be the direct customer. This option will reduce the number of intermediary companies on which you rely for the delivery of the products and increase your profit margin as well. It will also reduce the hassles and disruptions in the supply chain.

Don’t act as a no-brainer when you are going to start a dropshipping business. Look for different opportunities but be skeptical while verifying any option. Avoiding frauds from the beginning will help you in getting on the right path.

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