Are you getting enough of the right clients? If not, look at your marketing copy.

If your target market is women but you’re attracting more men than women, consider revising your sales copy. You might inadvertently be talking more masculinely than femininely.

Fascinating brain research by Dr. John Gray reveals that men think differently than women. That’s because a woman’s genetic brain design is slightly different than a man’s.

For marketing purposes, that also means that your target market thinks genetically, according to his/her gender. So, it makes sense to write two versions of your marketing if your target contains both men and women.

Or, by simply understanding how each gender thinks, write to your specific, separate, genderized version of your target. That means copy in a brochure for men about your offering would bear a striking difference in one for women on the same topic.

You just can’t take a shotgun copywriting approach and write a one-size-fits-both genders type of copy in anything. In a shotgun marketing approach for both genders, if your marketing piece starts out appealing to one gender, the other genderized market version will stop reading. Why?

If your piece starts out appealing to a man, a woman will think, “Oh, this is for a guy.” And vice versa. So, it’s crucial to the success of your business to start thinking about how to write copy content in a contextual way.

Using what I call Gender Content Marketing (GCM) you write sales copy that appeals to your specific gendered market. Doing so, it gets your message to the right client type.

In GCM your copy should contain right up front the (contextually) genderized bottom line benefits/results of your offer. And your copy contains words easily recognizable by either a male or female. How do you do that? Use words that make sense to that gendered prospect.

(As a freelance copywriter, brain dialog researcher and hypnotist, I write client attracting copy in this way for my clients. I also create personal development information products using the same GCM format. Or, I coach personal growth coaches on how to do it themselves.)

For example, suppose your target is open-minded women interested in using hypnosis or EFT to reduce stress. What benefit of reducing stress naturally could you describe in your headline that might be an appealing hook for women?

First, think of your product or service like it’s a tool. It does something. What does it do that your prospects want but currently are without? Write out the problem your product or service solves to get some ideas. It is in that answer you’ll probably find some material to write an attention-grabbing hook.

Here’s a hook one of my clients and I created in a recent EFT workshop she conducted for women:

What's holding you back from living life on your terms?

Whatever it is…


Come TAP ALL DAY, and Feel the Results!

To create it, we talked first about what her target wanted. She said women want to feel mentally unstuck. This is a common thing for women. It’s a serotonin/oxytocin brain neurochemical thing.

As an aside, most men dislike admitting they are stuck in life. It’s a testosterone/dopamine brain neurochemical thing for them. (Those brain chemicals and genetic design for men is tied up in why most men won’t ask for directions when they get lost.) Since I understand how the brain dialogs between the genders, my client and I used the word ‘unstuck’ to attract women.

For your comparison, if you wanted to attract men to a stress reducing program, you’d write more aggressive, knock-em-dead, hog tie ‘em and rope ‘em type of competitive copy. So, a version for men might be:

Want more power and energy?

EFT is a quick, easy, tough guy way to get rid of stress!

Grab onto lightning bolt fast results…

EFT blows stress away!

The human brain has a buying part and a decision-making part. That decision-making/thinking brain part likes brief, succinct, short answers to ‘get to the bottom line’ quickly. So, if your target has little time to deal with stress, your sales copy needs to be direct and to the point.

But often, those bottom line phrases are different for men than they are for women. This is where it is very important to know what and how to say your sales message in a way your genderized target needs to hear it.

So write your best benefit up front in your headline. Use just a few ‘bottom line benefit’ words appealing to your generized target to grab and keep their attention. This specialized approach works faster than using a generic, shotgun marketing approach hoping to get anyone.

Hope this is helpful for you.

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Author's Bio: 

Susan Fox is a highly respected and internationally known brain dialog researcher, freelance copywriter, certified clinical hypnotist, columnist for the National Guild of Hypnotists, trainer and public speaker. She writes marketing copy, books and information products that increase sales conversion rates and speed up sales cycles for her clients.