We have all used pressed eye shadows before. They are simple and every brand has their colors. Some come in sets of three or more in a little compact but most come as single colors. You can buy pressed eye shadows from just about any drug store counter to dept stores to even kiosks in the middle walkways at your local malls.
Now mineral eye shadows are not simple to work with. There are a few tips to working with minerals because they are a powder not pressed. IF you don’t apply it correctly it will get all over the place. Glitter mineral eye shadows are the toughest to work with. I hope these few tips will help those who are new to mineral eye shadow, or have been wanting to buy it but were afraid to because they just wasn’t sure how to work with it.
For starters mineral eye shadows will come in a small jar usually with a sifter. The sifter is there so only a little bit of mineral eye shadow is available at one time. When you buy a jar there will be a sticker that covers the little holes in the sifter just remove it the first time you want to apply it. Jar comes in difference sizes, usually by grams.
Ok so you have never worked with mineral eye shadows? There are a tips and trick to applying it. There are some makeup brushes that work really well with mineral eye shadows, there are also some makeup
brushes that will not work well with minerals. Look for a makeup brush that is more flat than round tipped. You do not want a lot of mineral eye shadow on your makeup brush. Don't worry it’s easy
to apply once you have the hang of it.
Mineral eye shadows work best with a base of some type. There are a few really good makeup bases or primers depending on the brand. Reviva Labs as a really good makeup primer because not only can you use it on your eye lid to keep your makeup in place you can also use it on your face to help your foundation stay as well. Who doesn’t love a mulit-tasker?
To apply mineral eye shadows, take a little bit on the flat side of the makeup brush and tap a little back into the jar. This way there is only a little bit of mineral eye shadow on the brush. Then you pat it on lightly with the flat side of the makeup brush onto your eye lid. Some colors have more pigment than others; you do not want a lot on your eye lid. First mistake that many beginners will make is they do not pat it on, they wipe it on like you would if using pressed eye shadows. This will not work; you will just get eye shadow all over your cheek as well as your eye lid. The best tip ever for applying mineral eye shadows is to pust pat your color on, you can always add more. When it’s time to blend then you wipe, BUT
not back and forth like window wipers, you get it muddied up. You blend it going from the inner eye to the outer eye lid. Blending it so there is no lines that show one color to the next unless that is the look you are going for.
Apply the base color first then apply over it the darker ones. The base color will be the lightest of the colors you are choosing to apply. You can always go darker. Play around with it takes a little bit of working with to get to used to how to apply it. Once you have applied your second
color you a wipe it a little bit to blend the colors, you don't want strips of color you want one color to flow into the next. Don’t forget you want to go with eye shadows that complement each other. Not everyone can pull of green eye shadow with yellow..
You apply your eyeliner last.. You can use the darkest color choice as your eye liner, wet or dry. Or you can go with liquid or gel or cake eyeliner which ever you are most comfortable using.

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