Law of Attraction principles apply perfectly in Business and provide a strong foundation for Entrepreneur Success in your own Business. Let's explore some of these key principles:

1. Right and Clear Intention. Always operate from a place of truth and clarity about your intentions and what it is you desire as an outcome from your business activities.

Incorporate your Values into the way you work and operate your business -- whether it is integrity, truth, honesty, autonomy, freedom, generosity, being authentic, self-determining, or whatever most resonates with you...

2. Focus on People and Solving Their Problems. Focus on Service and 'being' of Service. Always ask yourself - How can I provide value? How can I best serve? The key concept and motivation is to Serve!

As Zig Ziglar says "You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

Successful Business Entrepreneurs have an innate ability to see problems and needs that people have as an opportunity to apply their entrepreneurial capabilities to create solutions and satisfy those problems and needs.

Another perfect example are Social Entrepreneurs who use their passion and burning drive to mobilize people and resources to solve social and community problems for the wider good.

3. Be Generous. Give of yourself freely and generously. You have a responsibility to share your talents, knowledge and skills with the world. You are unique with special gifts. And, respect others for the same.

Give away and share heaps of free information and resources, with the true desire to help people, before you even start selling. Focus on building relationships and rapport.

Pay others generously for their services. Recognize the value of their input. Don't nit-pick and drive down the price for the sake of your ego and desire to get the cheapest price, or you will receive the same treatment from others.

4. Follow Your Intuition and Take 'Inspired' Action. Open the channels and tap into your inner self, your inner source, gut instincts and hunches to guide you along your way in your business relationships and ventures.

5. Follow 'Attraction' Principles Naturally. Attraction is all about 'attracting' similar energy, and drawing to you and connecting with your ideal clients and customers, business partners, joint venture partners, employees, outsource suppliers and sub-contractors.

Be in the 'mindset' and 'heart-set' of attracting ideal and perfect clients, customers, or subscribers, who are like-minded, love what you have to offer, and appreciate your 'value added' contribution to their needs, wants and businesses.

6. Follow a Marketing Process That Comes From Your Heart. Be intuitive, authentic and operate with integrity. Communicate with your own unique voice, and that with which you are most comfortable. Just be Yourself.

If you follow the other principles on this list, this should just come naturally to you.

7. Believe There's Enough For Us All. Abundance Abounds. Operate in a spirit of true collaboration, joint venturing, and creating a 'win-win' for all.

Yes, be aware of your competitors, sensibly, but shift and concentrate your focus on the positives and the opportunities. There is no room for jealousy or envy. It brings with it the wrong energy.

8. Be Mutually Respectful. See the heart and soul of the people you deal with and to whom you provide service. Celebrate other people's successes as if they were your own. Get excited for them... and for you!

9. Remuneration and Valuing Your Contribution. If you provide great value, it is right and fair to charge for your services. You are compensated in direct relationship with how much value you provide. This is the Law of Reciprocity.

Charge what you rightly believe is your value. If you under-charge, you devalue and fritter away your precious time and abilities.

It's OK to ask for the sale, and OK to ask for the money. Know how to Ask -- confidently, knowingly, with respect and knowledge of your great value and contribution in making a real difference to the people you touch, and in this world.

If more people practice these principles in an ever-increasing fashion, our business world, and our world in general, will be a much better place.

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