Fake eyelashes can be a game-changer but one needs to know how to apply them properly. Fake eyelashes are not just applied to intensify the bold eye makeup but also not to touch the natural eyelashes harshly. In this article, we would be discussing how you can perfectly apply those mink lashes without messing them up.

To apply the fake eyelashes like a pro you need;

● Fake eyelashes
● Eyelash glue
● Tweezer
● Scissors
● Mirror

Once you have all the supplies, it's time to spice up the feminine look. Now, what do you need to do? Here's a step-by-step guide to perfect fake lashes.

Measure and trim off the excess

The most annoying thing about eyelashes is that they never really come in the right size. We girls always have to trim them to get the desired length. So, take your scissors out and put the eyelashes on the eyelid to get the idea of how long your lashes should be. Once you have got them measured out, it's time to trim off the excess.

Apply the glue

Now that you have cut the lashes to the desired length, you can glue them out. Once the lashes are perfectly glued you are required to wait for 30 seconds. You can check if the lashes are ready or not by letting the ends kiss each other. If the ends get sticky, it's a sign that the lashes are ready to be applied. Remember! Do not over glue the lashes as it will make them bulky.

Bring the mirror and sit in the right position

If you are not sitting in front of a mirror while doing the whole process, I recommend you get ready in those 30 seconds when the glue is getting sticky. Place the mirror under your face and look down, let the eyelid expand.

Take out the tweezers and apply the lashes

It would be hard to hold the glued lashes, take out tweezers and pick the lashes up. Now place them on the eyelid as close to the natural eyelashes as possible. There, the lashes are perfectly applied.

Wait for the glue to dry off completely

Once the eyelashes are positioned perfectly give the glue some time to hold the eyelids firmly. Read the instructions written on the package and see how much time this specific eyelash glue takes to dry up. Have patience and let the eyelash glue dry off completely.

Embellish it up with mascara and eyeliner

As the eyelashes are rightly applied, you can enhance the look with mascara and eyeliner. It's okay to skip eyeliner but mascara is a must because it helps in blending the natural and false lashes into each other.

The eyelashes are done! You can easily take them off by gently rubbing the makeup remover on the eyelids. Once the eyelashes loosen up, bring the tweezer and take them off. The natural-looking Eyelashes are generally expensive, they can not be used for practice. It's better to invest in some cheap ones, once you have mastered the skill, you rightly deserve the silky mink ones.

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