You may have heard how powerful affirmations are.

This edition of The Love Post will affirm it yet again!

But what is an affirmation, anyway?

It is a positive declaration. It supports the truth of something by stating it as fact.

Using affirmations is a simple way to stay focused on your goals and build your belief in the possibilities of achieving your dreams.

But there are a few things you should know to make your affirmation efforts more effective.

How to Affirm Your Love

First of all, you want to choose your affirmations thoughtfully.

Decide what it is that you want most. Who you want to be, what you want to do or what you’d Love to have. If you haven’t taken the Love survey yet, go do it now!

This is a useful tool to help you determine exactly what you really want.

Then, create statements in the first person, present tense that affirm the achievement of these things.

Here are a few examples:

♥ “I am a living example of Love.”

♥ “I earn $10,000 a month.”

♥ “I drive a blue Tesla Model S.”

Whatever it is, you want to say it as if it is already your truth. This is the magic of affirmations.

Be as specific as possible about the statement, without getting too wordy.

Make sure that it’s a statement that you can wrap your head around. It’s good to make it a “reach” goal, but not so far out of reach that you can’t believe it’s possible to achieve.

Bringing Your Desires Into Being

By repeating these statements daily, you will begin to believe in their validity.

If you really want to maximize the benefits of this exercise, write each statement five times in a special “Affirmations notebook”.

If you do it consistently, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you fill many pages with your deepest desires.

Putting your goals in ink is a wonderful way to engage the power of manifestation. You are literally taking a thought and bringing it into the material realm.

Also, by making this a daily ritual, you are automatically spending time consistently thinking about what you want.

By affirming that your goals are achieved, you are communicating this reality to the Universe.

You’re also putting your reticular activating system on alert. This fancy mechanism in our brain is responsible for paying attention to certain things in our environment.

Once you focus on what you seek, you will begin to notice it being attracted to you. You’ll naturally become more aware of ways to become your desired self, do what you really want to do, or acquire what you truly want to have.

And most importantly, you are putting yourself in a state of enjoyment, feeling the pleasure you feel from attaining your burning desires.

♥ To take your affirmations to a whole new level, create a vision board with pictures that represent your written statements. Look at it every day and be happy ~ You’re on your way to your dream life!

As always, thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts and passing this along to others!

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