Why are their Results so Different?
"What makes the difference in the results they achieve?" asked the instructor. She'd told us to assume two identically trained and equally capable lawyers have set up shop in opposite corners of the same town's main intersection. The woman lawyer has a thriving business, whereas the man barely makes a living.

Initially answers came readily. They're identically trained, so no, it's not what they know. Their hours? Their diligence? Perseverance? No. Then some more exotic suggestions. Their looks? Their office furnishings? Also no. Their attitude? Yes!

The right context is the woman's secret of success, she explained. The woman lawyer is more concerned about her clients, the man about his income. The woman about doing a good job, the man about being paid for the hours he puts in. It's the attitude they bring to their practice, the compassion they show, the enthusiasm they have that makes the difference.

Context, not Content
Robert Kiyosaki is the world-famous author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a tale of a poor boy growing up with a wealthy friend. This engaging story gives lessons he learned from both fathers and how their different approaches to money and creating wealth can change your life. Yet his fifth book, Retire Young, Retire Rich, says very little about what to do, it's instead about the importance of context.

What you do is content, says Kiyosaki. This is your knowledge, what you know how to do, your know-how. Whereas your context is where you come from when you do what you do.

Content is your behavior, your doing, the things you do. Such as the training you undertake as an athlete, the books you study at school, the actions you take at work, what you do to celebrate your partner's birthday.

Your context is the space you're in, the positive or negative perspective from which you come. It includes time, place, and circumstances, as well as your intention as well as the past and present intentions of any others involved. It also includes all previous influences and contributory factors both known and unknown...

Changing what you do you doesn't do much to change your life. The secret of success lies in creating the right context.

Change your Context
This is how people can say, "No matter what I do, it's not enough." And their complaint is astonishingly accurate! Although they often fail to realize why - changing their context, rather than what they do, is what makes the crucial difference.

First ensure you have the right context, and then let what you do, your content, flow from your internal perspective. It's even been suggested that the secret of success is your intention and your level of consciousness when you do whatever you do. You'll change your life by increasing your awareness of context.

But you'll find your self sabotage mechanism will try to resist this crucial truth, which just goes to emphasize its importance. So invest time and energy in discovering how to see when you're engaging in self sabotage. Increasing your awareness of context is the royal road to success in life.

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Food for Thought

"If you want to be rich, you first need to work on your context, more than on what you do. ... That is why I recommend you ... continually work on upgrading your context. Remember it is your context ... that becomes your reality, regardless of what you do."

- Robert Kiyosaki, author, investor, motivational speaker, financial literacy advocate

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