“Okay, so you quit your teaching job of 17 years to make millions in real estate. How soon will the money come pouring in? When will the results begin?” a fellow teacher mockingly asked me this when I told him that this was my last day in class. He believed I was making a big mistake, and he wanted to make his point clear.

“Results arrive at once,” I countered. “The moment I decided to leave the teaching profession to make my fortune in real estate, I killed off all other options, and I experienced an incredible internal reaction to the decision.”

Of course, a million dollars didn’t just fall into my lap. But by sticking to my decision, the mental picture of money coming to me grew clearer and clearer. It was like looking into a foggy mirror after taking a shower – as the fog clears I could see exactly who I am. I was no longer a schoolteacher, on tenure, simply working for a living. I was a dynamic entrepreneur on his way to starting a multi-million dollar business.

The moment I decided to take the leap from security to exciting adventure, I began gaining greater self-understanding. I wasn’t completely sure what was happening, but there was a definite change coming over me. I immediately began to understand that I always wanted to be a risk-taker, but never dared to try.

I noticed changes occurring in my personality. Some were small at first, for example, I was not at all upset by the mocking remark of my fellow teacher. Before I made the firm decision to quit teaching and follow my dreams, this remark would have set me on edge.

Here’s a bigger change: I didn’t feel awkward about sharing my dream of starting my own million-dollar business. Prior to quitting my teaching job, it would have been impossible for me to say this without nervously laughing.

Most important of all, I felt as if I could finally be FINAL about something. I would do whatever it took to meet people in the real estate profession who had made millions so I could learn from them. I actually noticed improvements on how I handled myself as I began making phone calls to make new contacts. My ability to meet new people became smoother.

As I look back, the takeaways here are about firm decisions and a unified mind - all the parts of my mind had to agree on my aspiration to make a million dollars in five years. I once read that a unified mind is like a flowing river; nothing can stop it from fulfilling on your decisions. That’s exactly how I felt—I was in flow, unstoppable!

You can make firm decisions and unify all the parts of your mind, and see to it that your vision comes true. You’ve done it. Please tell us about any mountains you’ve flowed around with a unified mind as your power source, and a firm decision as your internal GPS!

Thank you, and blessings

Author's Bio: 

Rob White is an author, storyteller, motivational coach and founder of Mind Adventure, Inc., an organization dedicated to providing seminars, webinars, workshops, blogs and books that inspire individuals to realize and accomplish their life goals. He is the author of 180, a guide to achieving “inner strength and outer freedom”, and  A Second Chance at Success: Remarkably Simple Ways to Open Your life to Opportunities and Turn Past Mistakes Into Lasting Confidence, Happiness and Success. Rob is regularly featured on the Huffington Post and his original articles are published in dozens of print and online publications.