Many people turn to social media to post about every detail of their life. From their friend’s birthday, to what they ate for lunch, all details about your life are exposed online. Even if you use privacy settings to restrict the amount of information others can see on your profile, odds are the word will get out about your posts. When it comes to personal injury cases, it is important to know that social media posts can affect a claim.

What You Should Avoid Posting Online

All details about your case should be kept private. From the particulars of the accident or event, to your recovery period (including doctor appointments) and then even after your case is closed, it is imperative to refrain from posting about it. We tell our clients to veer on the side of caution and avoid posting anything related to your case as we would hate for it to be used against them in court.

When the defendant’s lawyer is on a mission to reduce the seriousness of your case, they will scour to find pictures that will benefit them and their claims.Avoid posting pictures from the accident scene, your injuries, your treatments, etc. It is important to also be aware of yourself in other people’s posts and not to engage in conversations in posts about your accident or claims.We would hate for our client’s photos or comments to be misconstrued.

Although a family vacation is one of the “hottest topics” to post about on social media, it is a slippery slope when involved in a personal injury case. If you are seeing a doctor, injury victims are often told to refrain from activity during their recovery period. Posting pictures of your trip will show you are well enough to travel and be active and it can be used against you in court to try and minimize your injuries and claims.

During personal injury cases, we suggest our clients set their social profiles to private and avoid accepting new friend requests, you never know who may be trying to get into your circle to gain information.

Call A Reliable Lawyer to Handle Your Case

When suffering from a personal injury, make sure to have a lawyer you can count on. We believe our clients’ legal needs are best served when the strengths and skill set of each Fulmer Sill team member are fully utilized in a collaborative way on every case. If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable team to work with, we will have your back. Call us today to learn more (405) 510.0077.

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