Beautiful and creative printing leave marks on mind always. Sometimes you just can’t ignore such attractive printing. You got to have a look at that piece which caught your eye and mind. For instance, let’s say you go out to take your regular coffee in a cafe, you happened to take the sugar while you notice a flyer. It's color scheme and graphics printing attract you at first sight. It is so nicely printed that you could not take your eyes off of it. So you see it, read it, and it’s a musical concert on Saturday near your home. By happening all of this, you started thinking of going there.
Now how do people do that? Let’s discuss how on earth people do that.

Color schemes

Although multiple factors effect on the human brain while perceiving an object but color scheme is the foremost. Colors channel energy and emotions in the environment. It creates enigma in the brain for attractiveness. So usually the right choice of colors while printing leaves marks on your mind.

Unique design

A unique design or an unusual shape can also make an impact on the brain. Design or form does not have to so complicated but unique. Considering the Eiffel Tower in Paris has the most distinctive and unique look all across the world, so it catches more attention than the CN tower in Canada or Empire state building in New York, USA.


In everyday life, we go for shopping, sports, and other activities; we see things and perceive the objects in our memory. Some of the objects leave marks on our minds for the long although we don’t actually memorize them. Let’s say, for example, we see the logo of Apple, Google, Nike or Chanel and we remember that to whom this symbol belongs to. This happens because of the repetitiveness of these logos in our life.

Emotional attractiveness

For targeting a particular niche market for your product, a person has to have creative. A lot of people tend to remember the things which they feel associated emotionally. Some of the brand companies make their product with a tag line which emotionally attracts people. For example, Johnson & Johnson Company’s tag line is “no more tears” which attract plenty of mothers to buy their shampoo for their kids. Just like that many cosmetic companies target a particular group of people by selling them fairness & beauty creams. It is not just about selling but also giving value to your emotions. This type of printing or advertisement leaves a mark on your mind.

Simple & Elegant look

Elegant and simple designs are easy to remember, and they leave their mark on our mind for long. The human brain tends to remember the things which are comfortable and different. Proper composition of symmetry, balance enhances the underlying texture. A different surface for packaging can leave a long lasting impression on your mind. The simple logo of ZARA is an excellent example here.
Perhaps every person’s perception of attractiveness is different than the other, but some things just get stuck in your mind because of various reasons.

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